Damn it man!!

    • Damn it man!!

      I am so sick of everything and everyone. Why do I have to be the fucking loser?? Don't get me wrong, I have friends. Alot on the football team, alot other places. Look, I don' talk alot anymore, I don't really care about stuff. Somehow I got the reputation of being emotionless. WTF?? Some kid even went as far as to point at me and tell his friend I was the weirdest on the bus. We are no longer cool. I am so fucking tired of being the loner, the guy who works his ass off all off season to bench the game. Everything I try to do to benefit me berings me down. I am sick of it!!! My grades suck, my few good friends are douches, the other people and I don't talk anymore, I almost wanna quit football. Now, I guess I am emotionless and weird. Isen't life grand?? On top of all this, all our really good players are leaving the highschool next year.
    • Re: Damn it man!!

      Dude, that sucks. I'm on the football team to, and I have the reputation for being the shy but strong kid, which I am, but even it feels like even if I tried to not be, it wouldn't make much of a difference. You know? I start though. But I only have a few close friends that I really talk to, others I don't feel comfortable around but I try to hang out with other people even if I don't talk much.