College Freshman and High School Sophomore?

    • College Freshman and High School Sophomore?

      ok, so ive known this girl for a while. she was originally a freshman at my hs where i was a senior. we only interacted because she was my m8's brother's good friend. we never really talked, but she used to laugh at all the jokes id make with my friends on the bus. well eventually, she hit me up on facebook one day which was at the start of the summer. after that we'd talk alot on the computer, sometimes everynight for a few hours or more.

      She would always mention how much she missed me on the bus and having me around, so i got the impression that she liked me. well, it was about a week ago at the high school homecoming football game. i had told her that i was going to it and she got very excited and came and found me after the game(she was one of the cheerleaders, so she couldn't get away during the game). well she came up and gave me a big hug and we talked for a few minutes(literally only like 3 minutes) and then i had to go. she facebooked me later that night and said that she was happy she finally got to see me again. so i decided that this girl was pretty cool and i wanted to give a relationship shot. but there is a problem...

      my best friend (female) has sisters in the same grade as her and she is against me trying to go out with her bcuz she thinks shes too young and it would be like i was dating one of her sisters. so basically wat im asking is what shud i do cuz i dont want my friend mad at me for wanting to date this girl. also, is there anything wrong or unusual about a college freshman wanting to date a high school sophomore? (we are only 2 years appart)
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      so your what? 18-19 and she is 16-17? that is nothing, just go for it, you should be concerned with 2 years, maybe 3 years but 2 years shouldnt bother you, you dont have to date someone the exact same age as you.

      if you get on with her, if you like her and you think she likes you, and you think you'd have a good relationship then damn well go for it.