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      I saw Zombieland today. I must say, I rather enjoyed the film, it was very nicely done. I found several parts of the film to be hilarious. The movie isn't just a comedy, it is a little suspenseful, I was a little startled at one or two parts. It also contains drama and some romance. It isn't a perverted comedy, which is good, since a lot of recent comedies are in the perverted comedy genre. The film actually has a rather intriguing storyline, and each of the four main characters have back-stories that are slowly revealed throughout the course of the film. Wichita (portrayed by Emma Stone) is quite beautiful and added to the film's atmosphere. The film itself isn't very disgusting, however, it is disgusting during the intro-credits, in which it shows zombies puking blood and guts on humans, among other things).

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      I believe that one of the funniest parts in the film was when Bill Murray (portrayed by himself) was pretending to be a zombie, so he went in to scare Columbus (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg), but Columbus didn't know he wasn't really a zombie, so he shot him in the chest at point blank range with a double barrel shotgun.

      I have to say that this is perhaps the best comedy film ever created. I give the film two thumbs up, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good movie.

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