My BFF kissed me this morning... i'm very confused

    • My BFF kissed me this morning... i'm very confused

      Hello, I just found this forum this morning and so far it's seems the most reasonable place. I'm not entirely comfortable discussing this, but I really need some help to try to figure out what is going on. Sorry if this ends up being kinda long.

      A few months ago , I transferred from a private school to a public, and became very close friends with another girl. I rarely get along with other girls, all my friends have always and only been guys and by all rights, her and I should be at total odds, but within three days we became bff's and very close. And honestly, despite only knowing her for a few months, probably the closest friend I've ever had.

      This morning she calls me and asks me to come over 30 minutes early before school because she had a huge and devastating fight with her boyfriend last night. So I go over and try to comfort her. I'm giving her a big huge and she stops crying and we give each other a friendly kiss... but then she kisses me again, in a very bf/gf kinda way. I was really shocked and surprised but I just went along with it, mainly out of confusion.

      This morning after first period she drags me into a bathroom stall and was all excited because she broke up with her bf, and then she kisses me again in the same way, though quicker and before I could say anything she had to run off to her next class.

      I'm very confused on how to approach this, I've never been bisexual, and she has never mentioned to me that she was. I'm not even sure if she is, or if this is normal? Right now I feel like I accidentally ended up in a relationship with another girl. For being a girl, I know like nothing about girls X(

      I have no idea how to talk to her about this, but I do know that the last thing I want is to lose the only girl that I have ever been able to be friends with.
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      Oh dear =S You've probably made this worse buy going along with it and not just pushing her away... At this point all you can do is tell her straight out that you're uncomfortable with the way she kissed you and make it clear that you are straight, and not interested in her that way... Good luck!

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      AmeliaMickey wrote:

      ask her why she kissed you like that.

      Thanks ... that should have been totally obvious to me lol

      Sorry, I've just had my world flipped over and can't think straight at all.

      The reason I didn't push her away when she kissed me was mostly because of shock. It was probably the most unexpected thing that's ever happened to me. I'd be in less shock if a meteor struck my car. I guess I just didn't really know what to think of it. I still don't.

      I should note that I never had any women in my life either. I was raised by a single dad, all the kids near by are boys, all my doctors are boys, and girls usually hate me because of boys. Heck, even my old school was 80%+ guys. One small dorm for the girls, and 4 huge dorms for the guys. I've also always avoided teen melo-drama.

      Also, as far as "man hating", that's probably me more than her right now. She's the one that broke up with him, but those reasons are another issue entirely.
      We've always been really affectionate with each other, but besides that, no signs that she was into girls in a romantic sorta way. If anything I felt that she was more into guys than even I am.

      I'm also worried about making her feel uncomfortable, like maybe to her this is just friendlier affection? I'm also worried that maybe I led her onto this by not setting boundaries in our friendship?

      Being friends with guys is so much easier, at least I have them all figured out :lolz:
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      I lol'd at the last two posts, at least someone else is also seeing the humour in it.
      To the OP: It doesn't really matter how you go about it I guess, your main aim should be to make absolute sure you don't hurt her feelings or jeopardize your friendship. Are you sure you don't like her in that way? I still find it strange that she'd just kiss you without some form of hint.
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      My advice, don't experiment/explore coz you already know that it's not the wisest thing to do. Just communicate with her on why she did it, how you don't want it to ruin your friendship, how you don't want it to happen again, etc...
      Simple answers to hard I tackle topics like:
      "Why are we so competitive?" , "Did free will ever exist?" , "Did God create evil?"
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      Just sit down with her and be like 'about the other day, how come you kissed me like that?'
      Thats all you really can do isnt it?
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      Hey, sorry I haven't had time to update, my online access is limited.

      Nothing has really came of it so I've left it alone. She hasn't tried to start a relationship or anything. We still talk about the boys we like. I think it was just an emotional response and I've taken it as such. It's not like she's tried to feel me up or anything, and I can say if i boy kissed me like that (or I him), within 30 seconds a hand would go up my shirt. So far it's been very innocent.

      It wasn't that I was uncomfortable with it really, more along the lines that I didn't understand what was going on. I'm fine with this unless it goes further, then i might have to stop it, but there are no signs of that so far. From what I've gathered is that this is relatively normal with girls that are as close as her and I are.

      Anyway, thanks for everyone that's offered useful advice *hugz* & <3!