parents and their sons

    • parents and their sons

      Adolescence is a serious period in the human being’s life, and in order to avoid many problems with teenagers, parents must beware and behave “patiently” with their teenage sons.
      Parents often have difficulties and many questions which they want to find their answers. It is very important for parents to:
      1. Read books, magazines and all the modern media especially articles about teenagers.
      2. Ask experts ,who know about teenager’s behaviors, about adolescence .(even they have not had teenage sons yet )
      3. Adjust with their teenage son’s ideas and try to improve them.
      4. Behave with their teenage sons as their friends politely and respectably.
      The list is very long and there are many instructions parents should follow to keep good relations with their sons.
      Parents often have difficulties telling the difference between variations in normal behavior and true adolescent behavioral problems.
      In reality, the difference between normal and abnormal teen behavior is not always clear, usually it is a mater of degree or expectation.

      Understanding your child’s unique developmental progress is necessary in order to interpret, accept or adapt his behavior. Teenagers have great individual variations of temperament, development and behavior. Your own parental responses guided by whether you see the behavior as a problem.
    • That's good advice (and it can apply for daughters as well). It's not easy being a teenager.
      But I guess it's not always easy to be a parent either.

      Family-related experiences are often new and we have to learn as we go along.

      Unfortunately, because we're human and aren't perfect, we often make mistakes. And even if we learn from our mistakes, the damage is already done.

      We all need to be a little patient and understanding with each other sometimes, helping each other along life's path. :)
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