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      You Think That Confidence is Glamourous

      You admire someone who can walk in to a room completely underprepared and wrongly dressed yet still own it.
      Glamour doesn't have anything to do with how much money you have or how fancy you look. It's all about what you've got going on with your attitude.

      The most enchanting people have taken a good look at themselves and accepted who they are. True confidence comes from high self esteem.
      You believe that you can't be truly loved and respected until you love and respect yourself.
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      You Think That Sophistication is Glamourous
      You think that no one is born glamourous. Glamour is something that must be cultivated.
      You respect people who are worldly and cosmopolitan. Even if people is not well traveled, they can at least to their best not to be provincial.

      You are attracted to people who have a broad perspective on life and aren't judgmental in the least.
      You'd like to consider yourself one of these urbane people, though you can't help but judge those who are narrow minded.
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      You Think That Power is Glamourous

      You are drawn to people who have a high position in life. You may not like it, but money is makes the world go round... and you envy those behind the steering wheel.
      You would like to have the ability to buy or do anything you want. You think luxury is naturally quite glamourous.

      It's not surprising that you're attracted to people who've achieved a high status in life. Success is very alluring.
      Besides, if you want to be successful, your best bet is to surround yourself with people who've already made it... and hope it rubs off on you!

      The Glamour Test

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