I'm scared to date him.

    • I'm scared to date him.

      Me and this guy we have been friends for almost two years. We are good friends; the best of friends. We hang out we do nothing but laugh. But, the only thing is I'm scared to date him because I don't know what the outcome will be. If we were to break up, me, I probably couldn't bring myself to talk to him. I talk to none of my ex's. For me I feel like "the past is the past why go back?" I really care about him. But I just don't want to mess up our bestfriend relationship. Last night, out of nowhere he texted me being extremely sweet. lol here's the whole conversation

      "Hi Cigarhead. :)" (he gives me nicknames- and no I don't smoke. lol)
      "Well, I guess I'll have to make up a new name for you huh? lol But hey What's up"
      "Nothing, just checking on you. :)"
      "Oh well I'm good I've just been sick lately. ;( good to know someone cares"
      "Lol...Well I'm sick too. :( so yeah! Makes me feel better when someone cares."
      "Well, don't worry becuase I'll always be here and you know I always care."
      "Yay! I love you. ;) Can i ask you a question?"
      "I love you too. Yeah what?"
      "If we would've dated what do you think the relationship would have been like?"
      "Uhm, I don't know. Probably good because I think you have to be friends before anything and me and you we are good friends. We fight, argue but we still end up talking at the end of the day. Oh god, you didn't ask me all that that! Lol But why?"
      "Just CURIOUS! Thats all for now."
      "No, you don't just get CURIOUS about something like that. But what do you think it would be like? Lol...now i'm 'curious'"
      "I think we would make the PERFECT COUPLE..:') we laugh, we smile, we talk. We disagree on things(but bestfriends do that) we love each other. We care about each other feelings and thoughts, I could go for days. But we do all of those for each other and we're just best friends. So us DATING, AND KISSING AND RUBBING AND TOUCHING would just put us closer to one another but I would love to date you Mrs(my last name) if I had a chance."

      It;s so wierd that I don't consider my self the prettiest girl, but he's VERY attractive he gets all the girls. Which is something that scares me also, what if he gets tired of me, he'll just put me to the side. I've watched him for almost 2 years get girlfriend after girlfriend. He even dated my EX bestfriend. Him and his girlfriend broke up and I don't want to be just a RE-BOUND. What do I do? I do I give him a chance. By the way, I haven't had a BF since January, but by choice. :/

      ....If you read my previous post then yes this is the guy I kissed. lol
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      He's sweet. Both of you are, actually. :p

      Don't be scared. Date him. You'll never know if he's serious about you. What if he is? Just think, what if you are the one for him? After those girls he's been with, he will realize that you're actually the one who he has been waiting for all along. Besides, you're best friends and you've already talked about the possibilities of why you two would make a great couple. ;) I don't see why not. :cool:
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      Shute wrote:

      Well... it could hurt...

      Because if it fails... which... lets just be honest here, it is quite likely to, then their friendship is over.

      I would think long and hard about this one.

      It's not necessarily quite likely to fail. Every relationship is different. You can't sit here and say a relationship between two people that you don't even know is most likely destined for failure. Everyone has to start somewhere.

      Here, let me kind of show you exactly what you're going into.

      Love is completely a gamble. You either succeed or you don't. But if you never take the chance, never try, you'll never know what you could've had. You should always have more 'I shouldn't have's than 'I should have's. Going through life, expecting everything to fail, isn't a good way to look at things. You have to try things, take shots, make gambles. Two things can happen here. Either it will work out, and you'll have an amazing relationship. Or it won't work out, and things will go down the tubes. But everything happens for a reason. Good things fall apart so that possibly better things will come together. it's up to you to make the decisions.

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