I'm starting to hate tradition and celebration.

    • I'm starting to hate tradition and celebration.

      [I know I might sounds like an asshole.]

      During the 2009 I've changed. I don't join in celebrations any more, I don't follow traditions. It's not some sort of rebellion against the conservative model of the world, I've never been like that.

      Most people I know think tradition is important to maintain identity and to hand over cultural legacy to the next generations; but for me tradition seems to serve no purpose on itself. It's like a placeholder for some sort of ancient need to be part of a group, of something bigger. I draw parallels with religion here. But the action itself - it has no practical purpose. It fills the emotional void, suppress the fear of being alone.

      But I don't feel this need, so It all seems alienating to me. And yes, I feel better not celebrating. I have my own plans. This shouldn't be affecting my family, but looks like it does. Although my family has lost many of our previous customs since my childhood, we at least did something associated with particular celebration, like decorating a house or baking gingerbreads together.

      This year we didn't celebrate Christmas at all. There was nothing. Of course, if other family members need my assistance in something, I help them, but It seems like my unwillingness to celebrate has an impact on them. Is it my fault? Is it bad to be like this?

      P.S. Traditonal celebrations here are Christmas, New Year, Easter and Midsummer. This affects birthdays, too.
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      Truth, but it is more of the fun of having these holidays and all of the gatherings/decorating/special things that come along with the according holiday. Do we have a holiday resembling the spilling of lamb's blood across doors? No. We have happy holidays such as Christmas and Easter to celebrate and take part in things to have more fun in life. Also, if there were no traditions or holidays, then you would have to work year-round, which would not be fun. :P
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      To each his own, as it's said.

      I agree with you on certain levels, but I think what's great about traditions and celebrating them is the fact that it unites people together - not everyone, sure, but it holds true to the people who actually do believe in preserving culture and wants to continue those traditions. There are some traditions that I don't necessarily agree with and as much as I'd like to change them, it'd be hard to. For years now and maybe even decades, mostly everyone is familiar with the traditions they follow and to change years of tradition is really tough, especially since everyone knows it and it's sort of... wired in our brains (for lack of a better word.)

      And even if you aren't the type of person that is traditional, that's okay. You have your own opinions on certain subjects and that's definitely respectable. As for myself, I grab a little piece of traditions from every culture and religion and I follow it. Even if I'm not the religious person, there are some traditions from some religions that I like to follow.

      I see your point, though, and I respect it. And you get +rep for it.
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      Hmmm, I see where you're coming from. I do think it's pointless to get worked up traditions and celebrations. My family doesn't really celebrate anything , only Christmas (barely), and it works out for us. I don't think what you're doing is bad, it's not like you're against them celebrating, it's that you just choose not to celebrate yourself. It's not a negative thing at all.
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