whats with sluuts?

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    I think all man-sluts should get high and put their dicks in a meatgrinder... Any guy who feels like he can sleep around but that all girls who do are trash should...

    my two cents...

    My third? I don't really like it when girls don't pay attention to how their clothes will negatively(or I guess some guys would see it as positive) affect guys... I don't have a problem with showing a little skin, but dressing explicitly to turn guys on is cruel, and manipulative... I realize that some girls think something is cute and truthfully don't think about it, but you should... Do you really want guys looking at you like you're a piece of porn to jack off to? Older men aren't immune either.... Hot young flesh is the same no-matter if the girl is 16 or 25... they are just WAY more hesitant to admit they are attracted to the 16 year old who's short shorts or tight shirt reveal too much...
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    If a key can open every lock, it's a master key. If a lock can be opened by many keys, it's a pretty bad lock.

    I think the only reason that it's ok for guys and not for girls is because that's the stereotype, so people grow up with people saying it, with it on TV shows and movies etc. In reality there's no difference from a guy or a girl sleeping around.

    Oh, and in reply to the question, let them do what they want. If they want to keep having sex with different people, why not? It's all just for fun, and one day they will realise they need a proper relationship.

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    This is why sluts suck and man whores are awesome:

    (Apart from the key reason which is a hilarious but true metaphor)

    Lets just begin by getting this clear, men and women are NOT the same. Equal, yes, the same, definaetly not. not even mentally the same, whether that be by nature or nurture is besides the point, we are not the same.

    Im going to leave out all the natures reasons since we have contraception now so we can basically have care free sex with low chances of repercutions, however natures reasons such as picking an optimal male to reproduce with influence the other reasons, im sure your all smart enough to understand a womens reasons for having unprotected sex with a man and her reasons for choosing that man AND also the concequences of doing so, because they still SHOULD subconciously matter somewhat.

    Infact im going to mention the fact that if a man has sex with 20 women in 9 months, he may well have a dozen children and is virtually unhindered, if a women has sex with 20 random men in 9 months she has 1 child, and she may have gotten genes from a fuck up, to put it all nicely.
    Since i think half of you will probably miss the consequences of unprotected sex as a slut.

    Anyways onto the most important bit, MEN ARE NOT PICKY, a man will have sex with whatever he can get, he will obviously prioritise the women he finds most attractive but odds are he wont get that one, if by the end of the night only the ten to two is left (the fat chick whos friends have all gone home with a man) he'll probably take that, sex is sex to a man.

    Women are (for the most part) picky, a women wont just have sex with just any fella for no reason, she will make a guy work for her, and then he better be upto her standards aswell otherwise he isnt getting anywhere, whether this is cultural, or part of a womans subconcious nature telling her to only pick a male with good genetics to reproduce with, or maybe both, is not for me to say, but it doesnt matter overall, what matters is that the majority of women will only have sex with a man who is of suitable standard and has worked to get her.

    What this means overall, is that a man who wishes to have sex with loads of women, has to work hard, and be attractive and preferably have alot of money aswell, in other words, being a player is hard work.

    If a woman wants to have sex with alot of men, she needn't do more than walk upto him and offer herself to him, more often than not, given the right situation, e.g shes at a club, hes going to say yes. even an unnattractive, untalented women can get plenty of sex by just offering herself to men in the right areas.

    Culturaly we respect people who work hard for what they want, and we dont like people who get everything easy, no doubt because of jealousy, society picks on sluts because theyre making them pay for their free loading. A male player who sleeps with lots of attractive women is like a successfull man in his carreer, a slut who has sex with any man she can, is like a benefit thief.

    Imo we've liberalised sex too far, but thats just my opinion.

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    i do not believe in 'sluts' or 'whores' or anything of that nature.

    a persons body and the things they do with it are not the business of anyone else but the people they do those things with. there is no reason to judge them, especially when it has no affect on your life whatsoever. your body is your own, and you have the right to do with it, sexually, whatever the hell you want. nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. no matter how many guys/girls a person sleeps with in whatever time frame, that it their business. it's their body and their right to do so. and it has nothing to do with you. simple as that. i just do not see any reason to be so closed-minded and derogatory to a person about something so ridiculous, and as natural as sex; one of our strongest basic urges, the one that we have the most trouble fighting.

    people call me a slut and a whore all the time, simply because of the career/side job i want to get into and the fact that it involves me having nude photos online, which are already out there. does it bother me? not in the least, because i don't believe in those things. they are pathetic insults used by people who, for whatever reason, cannot help but inject themselves into the [sexual] lives of other people.

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