Spice up the relationship

    • Spice up the relationship

      Well I've been with my boyfriend for a while now. He's such a great guy and I've never had any guy treat me nearly as well as he does everyday. We always have a great time together......your typical boyfriend-girlfriend background info. But my little problem, nothing major, is that I'm so bored lately. I always like excitement in a relationship and doing new things together and all that. Lately it's just the same thing one day after the next. We started off with everyday being different than the others, yet better than the previous day. We went to all these different places together and got to know each other more and more. It was like that for the first couple of months, but lately it's the same thing over and over. There's nowhere new to go with him, nothing new to do/experience... I've still got all the interest and care in the world for him, don't get me wrong, but I'm getting to the point where I hardly like talking to him on the phone because it's the same conversation everynight. When we hangout at one of our houses, we watch a movie everytime. Nothing ever changes. What do you guys think are some ways of spicing up our relationship? Any ideas that can get me back to feeling how I felt at the beginning...like our relationship was some crazy rollercoaster or something. I'm not sure what I need help with, but I'm just getting too bored with our same relationship routines. Anything will help.....thanks :)
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      Boyfriend and I are like that someones, been together nearly 2 years.

      Thing is, if you're bored, tell him. Guys can't read minds :p Take the relationship by the horns and give it a pull in a new direction.
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      I was kinda hoping this thread would help me learn how to properly cook and season my GF so that i could begin to cannabalize her flesh...

      My mistake.

      the secret is in the rosemary...

      anyways, sounds like you're bored with this guy b/c you're not interested in him as much as you used to be. Maybe its just the low point in a relationship that'll pass, or maybe you've really hit a brick wall and should end it and move on.
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