Money Issues..?

    • Money Issues..?

      Well before I get in depth.. this isn't a post about being poor but rather if it seems $8,500 is a lot for a family in an upper-class town in New Jersey..? At first my parents were chill with letting me go on the $8,500 trip for a month this summer throughout Europe but now they are concerned with the money. My family has four cars, two BMW's (driven by my parents) and two Jeeps (2001 Grand Cherokee and 2007 Grand Cherokee Unlimited driven by my two older brothers). We usually spend around $15,000 on summer vacation annually and while my brothers are both in college they attended a private high school that was about $30,000 a year and I decided to stay public so aren't I entitled to a decent $8,500 trip? Since I am saving them $120,000 on private school education and have already started JROTC so my college is also paid for by the Government in return for 4 years military service. What do you think are some "I.O.U" possibilities that I could pull of? I am 15 turning 16 in a month and I don't have a job and only have $400. Does anyone think they know why might my parents be more concerned with the $8,500 right now?

      Thanks for the help! ~ Schon2112
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      Regardless of how rich you are, $8500 is still a lot of money. Granted, it seems your parents spends a lot more than that on other things, but it's a good idea right now to be saving money where you can. The money to your brothers is for their education, they need it. I'm sure your parents would like you to go to your trip, but it's probably not a school based function and they don't want to put out extra money. Just because you can put out several thousand dollars for one thing doesn't mean you have access to another couple thousand for something else. In any case, it is your parents' decision, but maybe you could convince them by offering to help around the house more, put a little more effort into contributing work to show them how much you want to go.
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      Their money, their decision. Even if they had millions upon millions of dollars, if they said they don't want to spend 8,500 on your trip then that's final.
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      dude be glad that your not buying your own food and paying for your parents car like i am cause of my dads $300 a week not cutting it. of witch pisses me off cause my dad doesnt work like i would for my wife and kids if i had them. be happy you dont have to give up your saved money for a new sportbike to pay for your parents car cause your dads to lazy to work more then he does. honestly $8500 for a trip thats gonna last what 2 3 weeks? thats way to much money for something that doesnt last. i honestly dont think you have anything to complain about. i slave my ass off at the 4th most dangerous job in the world [logger] day in and day out to pay for my parents shit
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      well, i think theres nothing you can do about that. its their money. maybe its not about the money, maybe they have other reasons for their behaviour

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