drugs, broken condom, missed period, plan b

    • drugs, broken condom, missed period, plan b

      in the last week i have been drinking, done ecstasy twice, moll-e once, and adderrall twice.
      on the 24th i had sex with this kid while rolling e. the condom broke like 5 minutes in (it lasted a couple hours b/c of the e), but he never came.
      i didn't use plan b the next day because i was expecting my period the 25th and he never came, i usually get my period a day early anyway.
      yesterday i never got my period so i used plan b. (this is my third time using plan b)
      i woke up this morning hoping when i used the bathroom i'd get it (usually what happens first thing...) but i never did.
      i know to most people this sounds weird because i'm only a day late but i've NEVER been late before, i'm almost always early! i have a weird cycle it's only 3 weeks (yes, exactly 3 weeks)

      can someone help me feel not so stressed?

      -also, i recently visisted friends at college so i was eating food with laxatives in them, and overeating. when i got back on the 22nd i slowed down eating a lot because i got a cold and can't taste food. might this be a factor?

      am i stressing over nothing?
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      thanks for trying, but i'm looking for help on a more logic-based level....like, does this make sense? could the drugs and change in diet be why this is happeneing?
      also, i doubt this means anything, but i've also slowed down smoking weed, a lot. i used to smoke multiple times a day now i'm down to a couple times a week
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      All the things you have said is most likely the reason for your missed period. I know a lot of druggies whose periods are extremely irregular. Some of them don't even get their period but once or twice a year. Stress is also a huge factor in a missed period and even your diet could be causing it. He didn't cum, so honestly your chance of this whole thing being because you are pregnant is maybe 5% at the very highest. If you are still worried though, just take a pregnancy test.
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    • Re: drugs, broken condom, missed period, plan b

      just keep hoping for it, it may be all the drugs
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    • Re: drugs, broken condom, missed period, plan b

      Take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, the best thing to do would be to abort. Avoid drugs if you don't want things like this to happen.
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      He doesn't actually need to 'finish' or you to become pregnant. It could be any number of things but a pregnancy test is really just a waste of money at this point.

      You could very well be pregnant, it could be the drugs or it could be anyone one of a number of things. The only thing you can do is wait a while and take a test (when I say 'a' test, take a few) and try take better care in future either way.
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