• Answer all please....
      The teen life:

      Whats one thing you hate about yourself? The fact that I have acne that won't leave.:(

      If yes,is the problem giving you a hard time on society?Yes

      And why?My acne problem

      Do you like to make friends?if they don't ask me about my acne,yeah

      Would you go and talk to a hot/cute person you like?nooo I would hide for sure

      Do you get teased in school?yes

      Whats your most embarrassing moment ever?When a boy i liked call me rough top face and ran laughing with his friends

      Did you ever wished you was dead?ha yes

      Did you ever tried to hurt yourself?yes

      Of 1-10,how much would you say your self-esteem is rated? probably 2

      When last did you cry?yesturday

      Why did you cry?I couldn't sleep last night

      Did you ever cried in school?Alot

      If yes,why?hummm

      Do you hate anyone?yes

      If yes, why?he ruin my dam life OK

      Have you ever felt really depressed because of what someone told you?yes

      Do you like what you see in the mirror?yes and no

      How do you feel taking this quizz?hummm