Too scared

    • Hey there's this girl that i've been best friends with since 6th grade. (We're in 8th now) I told her i Liked her within the first (4 months i knew her :waa::oops:)
      She said... that if I had'nt told her so soon.. i might've had a chance... :waa:
      Now we only see each other at every other lunch. But we do talk alot on youtube & gmail. What I'm tryin' to do is:
      1a) See if she's available
      1b) See how much she likes me
      2) Get enough courage to risk our friendship tryin to leave the friend zone.
      2&1/2) If she :bitchslap: me, how do i either
      a)Recover or
      b) play it off or
      c) Revive our friendship to what we had or
      d) Keep from killing myself. (Not Really)
      Please help me. If I can't get help by the last month of school, I'm just gonna try & ask her out... (seeing that if we don't go out, we won't see each other alot. (Coincidentally doesn't count))I really want to be with her.. She's the first girl I.. actually ever loved....