My best friend likes me. My girlfriend doesnt like it

    • My best friend likes me. My girlfriend doesnt like it

      I have been with my girlfriend for over 6 months now and there can be no doubt that i love her. Recently we had a fall out, and broke up. I was VERY upset and some friends i was close with a few years ago took me out and cheered me up. Since then we have become closer and closer and spend alot of time together. 2 of the girls have boyfrineds, but the other really likes me. She knows about me and my girlfriend and has supoorted me in my relationship.
      But my girlfriend does not like how much time we are spending together and regularly reminds me about how she feels. I tell my girlfriend all the time that shes the one i love. and trust me, i really do. But shes not so convinced, and its really bugging me.
      How do i proove to her that im not interested in my friend? And that i have always put my girlfriend first??
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      How often do you and your friend hang out?
      I can see both points of view right now. I think to prove it to your girlfriend, the only thing you can really do is continue telling her how much she means to you, how much you love her, etc etc.
      However, the situation might be putting stress on your relationship, and it might be making it so shes getting scared she can't trust you. Try taking a break from hanging out with your friend for a week and see if that lightens things up. But I do suggest you just continue telling your girlfriend that you'd never do anything with another girl. Right now she probably just feels jealous and insecure, and she just needs that reassurance.

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      Perhaps spend a little less time with your friend and more with your girlfriend. You should be allowed to see your friend though, so don't give up on her, even if she does like you.
      Your girlfriend seems to be having trust issues, which is understandable if you are spending a lot of time with your friend that likes you. But she should still trust you unless something happens. Just reassure her that nothing will come between you, but you don't want to stop seeing a friend just because the friend has feelings for you. Ask her if she really thinks you would cheat on her. She really shouldn't and you need to point out that there needs to be trust in a relationship.
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      It really depends on how you treat your best friend/ girlfriend- to decide how to move foreward.
      If at the moment- you really do spend more time around your best friend- then back off for a bit.
      However- if you already spend most of your time with your girlfriend.... there's not much you can do. You can try reassuring her- but whether or not it will work depends mostly on her, not you.

      If this is mostly because y'all just had a fight and got back together- then give it a while.
      If this were just a normal, every day run of the mill situation though- I'd take it as a warning sign. If she knows that the other girl supports y'alls relationship, and that you chose to date her- not your BF, and still acts that paranoid- you might have a problem.

      Like- I love my best friend to death, and his girlfriend is well aware that if he asked me- I'd probably say yes to going out with him. But she also knows that I completely support their relationship, and have even gone out of my way this time to keep them together. (Whether it was lending him an alibi so that he could go see her, helping him pick out V-day things, or just being the bounce board when he did something stupid- and didn't know how to fix it.) Is she completely comfortable with us touching around her? no. and I understand that. But she doesn't bug him everytime she finds out I'm over at his house.