quick analysis please?? :)

    • quick analysis please?? :)

      my closest friend is a girl. we are really really close.
      i can kiss her, even grab her boobs if i wanted and she will pretend that she cares but she doesn't really. we go out together like once every couple of days and we both like each other a lot. (we both want to go out)

      problem:she said she can't go out with me cause if we brake up it will ruin her life.

      yesterday she admitted she fancied me on facebook after saying she didn't for about four months. i said "how about we just go out".
      she said "i think we should keep going as we are until i accidentally kiss you or something and then take it from there. (she also said she had almost kissed me a lot of times before but she held back)

      I'm going camping with her on wednesday with her and a few other friends (all girls). should i get some condoms just in case. (lol!!! imagine if they saw them)
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      You want a short, quick answer?

      Just wait for her to be ready if you two are going to date. You might be ready, but she isn't, let her decide, otherwise I can guarantee it won't work out. Let her be the one to go forward at this point. You can still be affectionate like now, just don't push it too much.

      Oh, and by the way, I would hold off the condoms, I wouldn't be thinking that far ahead into anything now. It's way to early for that. ;)
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      DREAM3R wrote:

      no condoms, just pull out or do anal

      lol im not doing anal. im talking about std's.

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      btw while im on the subject. is it likely that u will get an std with unprotected or is it like 1 in 100??

      school sex ed is always like: "always wear a condom during sexual intercourse!"
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      what makes you think that?? :/

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      i assume u just unroll it onto your cock and then get down to buissiness. you have to hold it on aswell dont you?? :/

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      im just an innocent virgin.
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      Ok sorry harsh time. are you kidding! one youre not officially dating this girl and youre thinking about sex, hello! It aint going to happen if she finds out. Wait at least until youre like going out or something. one sex, not only std worry or hello pregnancy, is not a think you just like jump into. Did you know some condoms dont fit? or break easily? or might give you a rash? Or that some girls may not be on the pill? Or that you can get an std almost anytime you have sex, not including anything else that might come from doing it when youre not prepared.

      IF you want have sex, go for it, youre into each other why not, but be informed, learn anything you need to know and then do it!
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      well to be honest I'm just worrying in case we get drunk and today she was feeling my erection. IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH! i just wondered if i could have a little sex Ed while i was on the subject :blush: :S

      i forgot to add that when that happened we were both in a bed.

      sorry. i just don't think school covers the subject well enough.

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      Don't rush into the sex so much. If there's drinking going on, just be careful not to drink too much that you lose your sanity, and you're clean enough to have decent judgement. If you two start going out, then you can start thinking about sex...
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