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  • In a car in the middle of nowhere.

  • Quote from Jimmy12: “When you use a urinal do you pull your foreskin back get your balls out? Have you ever had a erection? Have you ever sneeked a peek?” I don't really need to pull my foreskin back since it's always at least half way back anyways. And why the hell would I take my balls out? Wtf am I going to do with them? Play with them because I'm bored while taking my piss? Yes, I've had an erection while in a urinal. Because I've really had to take a piss and therefore gotten a boner. Peeke…

  • You're either a troll or an idiot. And if the former, then both. But I'm 100% sure that you're not "too buff".

  • I'm not bi, but I give high fives to all girls that are bi. Bi girls (and especially bi girlfriends) are proof that god exists. As for guys, whatever floats their boat, I don't care.

  • Quote from Laundry: “Yet, we both know you are going to break it in less than a month, or probably even in less than a week. Plus, you know, being depressed and all negative about it just makes it easier for another girl to talk nicely to you and steal your heart :P” Not quite. I only [I][I]like[/I][/I] a girl about once a year. For a long period of time after that I'll have no romantic interest in anyone. And if I saw I was, I'd just create distance between us and almost avoid her. And no one e…

  • Oh I forgot to mention. ONLY BUILDING CERTAIN BODYPARTS = EPIC BODYBUILDING FAILURE. You need to work YOUR ENTIRE BODY to get nice results. You'll just look disfigured if you only work specific muscles while neglecting others. They need to be in proportion.

  • Quote from Ready: “Oh. My. Fuuuuuucking. God. OMFG. OMFFFFFFG. I don't even know how to explain this. You're going through the EXACT FUCKING THING I'M GOING THROUGH. oh my god this is weird. same emotions, same everything. i know EXACTLY how you feel. jesus i can't get over this, that someone else has the same emotions that i have. already i'm starting to overcome my semi-depression about this one girl. so far i've liked 3 girls A LOT. the first one was in grade 6, whom i did not know too well, …

  • Quote from TheBandit: “STAY AWAY FROM THE SUPPLEMENTS! Especially creatine. Supplements will make you feel great, but will do absolutely nothing for you. The best way to start building muscle is by jogging. After maybe a week or so of this, start with weight training. Look up the core lifts online (bench, squat, dead lift, power clean) and get to your local gym to start them. Remember to ALWAYS have a spotter, as you should be using enough weight so that your eighth ninth and tenth repetition in…

  • Once, maybe twice a year (rarely twice) I like a girl. And when I mean like I don't mean just have a thing for her. I like her. A lot. As in have actual feelings. This happens gradually at first but then all of a sudden I realize I like them. Like actually like them. The first or second this time happened I got heartbroken. Literally devastated. However unlike a lot of people, I shove these emotions into a bottle in my mind and keep them in there until they evaporate (I cope by not coping). This…

  • I liked it when the pokemon were animated in battle, like in Crystal. First I looked at the title and just thought "jesus fucking christ. MORE NEW POKEMON?!". But if it's a remake I can live with that.

  • I will probably get it sometime in the far future when I'm a bit older because your vision will change until you're like X years old. So I don't want to have lasik and then suddenly have my vision go bad again. Also I'll have money by then :p.

  • How to Look Sexy: 9 steps - wikiHow :p

  • Re: Mopar scape

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    Die person with bad grammar, die!

  • For starters: Sentence structure. For the love of god... Now... How does your diet look? What are you eating on a day to day basis? This may affect your sleep. You can also try doing something risky if that doesn't work. Completely flip your internal clock. Don't go to sleep for an entire day. Stay up the night and day and then when night comes again, go to sleep. If none of this works you may have to simply see a doctor.

  • Quote from _Frank_: “ Oh and he's a cop btw ronniecoleman.jpg Yeah Buddy!!!!” I would love to see a video of him pulling over some guy's car. He has probably made several people shit themselves. Or I can totally see him being in a raid team and just bursting through a wall by himself.

  • Oh look, all the symptoms of a common illness. I'm terrified. I'm going to catch the swine flu sometime soon in order for my cells to devour it and become stronger. Silly swine flu. Oink oink.

  • I admire their dedication and respect their lifestyle and choice, but I'm never going to go that far into bodybuilding :). Besides, I'm just properly starting now :cool:.

  • I don't get sick. If I caught the swine flu it would only be in order for my cells to devour it and grow stronger. That's how I roll.

  • Re: condoms

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    I would normally say that it depends on the person, but I still say 11 is WAY too young O_o. Or 12... or 13... 14 is pretty grey... 15 is ok...

  • I am going to be doing strength training. So my goals are basically just increased muscle mass and strength. After new years I will also try to get very little BF% and look trim.