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  • Hell yeah, man. WAayyy better

  • Lol, premature ejac? It happens. It's no big deal, right, unless you really pissed off your girlfriend lol.

  • Religion

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    Lol, this seems kind of one sided, Islam isn't the only religion in the world that claims responsibility (or doesn't) for horrible crimes and atrocities. The Catholic Church used to burn Jews, torture enemies until death if need be, rape twelve year olds, and waged war on the Muslims for years to plunder treasure and take cities "in the name of God," slaughtering thousands like at the slaughter on the Albigenses. Today, millions claim to be proud members of the Catholic Church. Granted, today's …

  • Sex can last anywhere from 5 minutes (hard and fast) if you're really looking for a quick one to hours if you have a lot of energy and control it well. Usually I'll go 20-30 minutes. She'll orgasm about 4-6 times.

  • Re: Apocalypse

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    GoldenAge, I love your lotus avatar. Buddhist? Anyways, if nukes are as deadly to the environment as scientists make them out to be, we'd be dead already, as they are testing nuclear weapons every week in Russia and places like New Mexico. The MAD defense assures that we won't nuke our populations to death unless we are stupid enough to allow insane men to rule nations, so that rules out for me the nuclear warfare theory. I think personally, humans are like frogs, if anyone's seen that movie (co…

  • Hmm... curious... has anyone lost touch with a friend or friends because of the "clique" effect? Lol. I read about it in a story in English class.

  • Haha, let's be helpful here. XD I am not a girl. But I think girls do care about appearances, am I right ladies? I know for a fact girls like a clean appearance, no one wants to date a slob. Along with that just display some confidence asking and you've got a name, number, and likely even a date.

  • Quote from /Evan/: “I have thought about it, and I have had sex with a guy. But... I'm gay, so that's different I think it's perfectly normal to be curious of the sex that you're not attracted to. I've had thoughts pass my mind sometimes. Though, ultimately, I think having sex with a girl would be gross. It would be like having sex with someone you're completely unattracted to. Actually, that's exactly what it is. So while the thought might randomly spark up, the action will gross one out.” Exac…

  • The try hards? I can agree, we all kind of fit into more than one stereotype, and everyone is different... As for why no one has said "don't label," I think it's natural and necessary to label, it's a thing we automatically do in our minds, like learning from experiences and applying them in decisions. Ok, Bailey brought up a really good point. What do you guys think, were stereotypes and cliques worse in middle school, as underclassmen of high school, or as upperclassmen? I personally saw this …

  • Damn man, that is rough. Ok, you know what you need to do? Get back into the class and start flirting with everyone whose pics you had on your computer. It'll make you less creepy and more open to them, and once they see a bit of personality they'll be willing to overlook this train wreck. Well, at least that's how I would try to save the situation without losing too much face. It'd be awkward as hell, but think of the alternative.

  • Re: What do you think?

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    Haha, you're sexy. And you got style, I like that cowgirl look.

  • Sure I would, but only if I were looking for a quick fling... which is whenever I'm single. I've never used one, but I've thought about it. It might work, who knows. I wouldn't expect to find long term relationship material either, but if you find someone you really like from the start, then... Of course there is the pedo thing, but I really think you have a greater chance of meeting a boyfriend than a pedophile/stalker/rapist.

  • Re: lights on or off?

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    I like the lights off, but there's gotta be a dim light, like a red lamp in my room... so you can kind of see what's going on, but there's still some sneaky fun to be had. But whenever it happens, it happens...

  • Ahh I forgot proud mexicans, I love those guys. I forgot about the artists and deep thinkers too, that go around with messy hair, strange hats and coats on, and create great masterpieces of art but don't really socialize much. Exactly, what is it about learning that is uncool? Over here we give it respect, even the CAFricans here do their homework before they terrorize people. But my friend just one city away is afraid to join decathlon because 'it will be social suicide'.

  • Salsa Dancing!

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    Ok, I had the greatest idea in the world. I AM GOING TO START A SALSA DANCING CLUB AT MY SCHOOL! It's a fun club that will attract members from the get-go, I will be rolling in dancing latina chicks, colleges will love that I founded a club and ran it to the end of senior year, my friends and I will have a great time after school, and I will learn to dance sexy from a gay professional dance instructor, like on dancing w/ the stars or something. Pasodoble, mambo, rumba, we're gonna do it all! So,…

  • Yeah, some jocks don't seem like jocks straight away... like no one knew I did cross country until after CIFs... Lol. Some of our band twinkies smoke weed, but not really. Some are going out just to have boyfriends and girlfriends, I think it's kind of weird. Like Taylor really shouldn't be going out with ANYONE, he never has any money and makes promises he can't keep, he's totally irresponsible, and his girlfriend pays for his meals for god's sakes. GROW UP TAYLOR. Sorry, went off on a little r…

  • Quote from Sasha Vassily: “If you try it randomly, my hypothesis is that every one of them will run in the opposite direction. Girls aren't automated robots or behavioural clones of each other...what works in one case may fail in another. Unless a guy can figure that out, he doesn't really deserve girls.” Exactly, I didn't mean anyone you know, I meant like, walk up to a completely random girl and whisper "I'm horny." 99% of the time they run. I'm still trying it though. ^_+

  • Re: Curious

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    It works Don't worry, I just needed to see that you don't have leprosy or look intimidating. You don't look scary whatsoever, you won't have a problem getting a girl.

  • Re: got jumped

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    They're either stalking you or already know you from somewhere. Call the police already. For your girlfriend, if no one else.

  • If you want to show interest, you can always use suggestive body language. Lean toward her (if she backs away the same amount, just drop it she isn't interested), make eye contact for a while, then avert, then make eye contact again, esp when talking to her, jokingly tap her, etc. If you really want to make it apparent, think dirty thoughts when talking to her. Like, really dirty. It'll show in your body language naturally when you talk to her. I doubted at first, but it works if you give it a g…