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  • Tofu in a harissa sauce.

  • Hormonesssssss

    jennypenne - - Puberty


    Quote from Vi_jette: “Her lips are amazing, I've always wanted to be lost between them. I mean the pair on her face. ” I certainly wouldn't object to getting lost in the other pair, either. She's so...just amazing.

  • Attractive

    jennypenne - - Lesbian


    Personality, face, and hands.

  • I realized when I had an encounter with a close friend that I wanted her to be more than just my best friend. We dated for a few years exclusively and then things kind of fell apart, I guess, shortly I told her that I also had feelings about boys. We're still really good friends now though. I'm currently dating a wonderful girl and wouldn't mind sticking to girls for the long-haul, but I could also see a world in which if the right guy came along I might take up with him. It's much more about th…

  • Dune (I loved it. Big fan of the book series and thought this version was as faithful as it could be.)

  • One week probably since I started masturbating.

  • Period cramps. No contest.

  • Pink and purple striped boyshorts.

  • Shower/bath time

    jennypenne - - Quiz, Polls and Surveys


    Morning showers are normal for me but sometimes an evening shower before bed is just the ticket to a really pleasant night's sleep.

  • Have you ever survey*

    jennypenne - - Quiz, Polls and Surveys


    Been to the beach Yes, beaches on four continents Swam in the ocean Yes. Played paintball Yes Had surgery Yes Been in the hospital Yes Had sex Yes Made out with someone in the shower Yes. It's fun as long as you don't slip. Taken over a hundred pictures in one day Yes. Deliberately for a photomontage, Been grounded Yes Been beaten up I've gotten into two fights, one of which ended up with me on the floor. Beaten up someone else Sort of, someone was really giving my younger sister a hard time, so…

  • I've felt much...better about myself since I came out as bisexual. I'd already come out as a lesbian to pretty much anyone who asked, but being able to say upfront, yes, I also like a good dick and the guy attached to it was like this weight was lifted off of me. My girlfriend at the time basically gave me a hall pass to get some strange however often I wanted as long as she was the only one I was romantically attracted to. We've since split but remain very, very close friends (it wasn't just me…

  • Some granola and bit of honey along with a cup of green tea.

  • Lube

    jennypenne - - Teen Sexuality


    Lube is very handy for anything at all involving the asshole, and also should not be ignored for vaginal and hand-related activities--though not always necessary, it does tend to make things fun. I've had unpleasant results with warming lubes (felt like someone was lighting my clit on fire) but just waterbased is great for everything.

  • I've farted in front of my partners and been momentarily embarrassed. Queefing is always slightly more embarrassing, though also funny and whenever I do it I have to stop myself from giggling like I'm 12 again. Sometimes I fail and that's fine because sex is innately hilarious.

  • We hugged and gave each other books to read over the Thanksgiving Break. I gave her The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony by Roberto Calasso, she gave me Stefan Zweig's Post Office Girl.

  • Anal?

    jennypenne - - Dating and Relationship Advice


    I've certainly tried it. It's not something that's exactly my cup of tea, but it was certainly fun. I'm hoping this doesn't get me locked or banned, but being pegged is much more fun than just anal with a guy being the top. Being the pegger also is pretty great (chef's kiss). I get why (physically anyway) some folks are into it.

  • Sexting!

    jennypenne - - Teen Sexuality


    For the most part, absolutely not. I've made one or two exceptions and felt fine about them.

  • I would say that I'm definitely pretty horny, but that's never really something I've seen as a negative. I like sex (all different kinds), talking about sex, and getting off. I figure that means I'm just like most other people (apologies in advance to any aces or aromantic folks, etc). I think being in touch with your own sexuality and sexual desires is a crucial part of sex positivity.

  • I've been in and out of dressing rooms for as far back as I can remember (swimming will do that to you). So the idea of getting naked and washing off is just kind of second nature at this point. I'd say I'm fairly comfortable, though I can be more guarded around a crush. Some girls don't shower after a regular PE class (swimming you kind of need to), and it's not something I'd judge them on because it really is down to personal comfort levels. The official rule is that everyone has to shower. Th…

  • Need your opinion on this

    jennypenne - - General Advice


    It's definitely abuse. If you need someone to talk to about what to do next, feel free to drop me a message, though, really, it's much better to just end things with this person, maybe talk to a professional about it (therapist, not a hitman), and recover as best you can. Recovery from this sort of thing is possible (trust me, I've been there, lots of us have), it takes time and work, but is worth it entirely because you end up getting yourself back.