Your input is needed for a video game concept

    • Your input is needed for a video game concept

      Hi guys,

      First off, my name is Rachel and I'm actually 30 but please try not to hold that against me, I'm about 13 at heart.

      I work for a video games company up North and I'm basically hoping to get some feedback and suggestions from the people we're targeting with our new game concept.

      Unfortunately, due to commercial reasons, I can't give too much info on the game itself but essentially, I'm working on a game that is centred around music and it's different genres.

      What I'd love from you all is some words and phrases to go with say, pop, hip-hop, rock etc to help me build an understanding of how teens see fans of these genres.

      For example, you could say "EMO - mascara, hates the world, pale, black clothes". Anything at all that springs to mind would be awesome.
      Here are a few genres to get you going but I'd love to hear of others :)
      Rock, Indie, Grime, Techno, Heavy Metal, Pop, Hip-Hop

      I hope to hear from some of you soon and just think, you guys could really help shape a video game that you can be playing and sharing with your friends!

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      Hey rachel! Yeah, I read your message and I thought I might as well help out. Don't worry, btw most people here are in their 40s. Anyways, these are the connections I made

      Pop- Gay faggoty dicks
      Hip-hop - Gay black faggoty dicks
      Rock - herpes guitars awesome
      Heavy Metal - Scream sexy dead things
    • Re: Your input is needed for a video game concept

      Haha, helpful forum members as always :lol:

      And I reckon you guys should give up, because unless you are aiming at wii user's, your concept will not do too well. As the only really successful musical based games on xbox/PS3 are Rock band / Guitar Hero.....
      And I doubt you can compete with those.