A Perfect Getaway

    • A Perfect Getaway

      I just now watched A Perfect Getaway with Timmy Olyphant, Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich. I had always liked Timmy Olyphant as an actor after I saw him as Mickey in Scream 2. AWESOME performance in that movie and in this one. Actually everyone in A Perfect Getaway did great. It's definitely replacing The Rocker in the three-way tie for my all-time favorite movie, joining Zero Day and Fight Club in that prestigious trio. I expected it to be shitty as fuck still, or at least not as good as it was. Sorry I'm still reeling from the twist near the end. I DEFINITELY suggest you watch that movie though. You might have your suspicions about who the killers are but you have no idea. Even if you change your mind halfway through, like I did, you still have no idea. Blew my fucking mind. I had it right in the middle but... it just didn't seem right. I should have known. If it doesn't seem right in a movie, it's probably fucking right.
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