HELP!! Could i possibly be pregnant?

  • HELP!! Could i possibly be pregnant?

    Hi , me and my boyfriend have been "active" i guess you can say, hes 18 and im 15. Recently he told me he wanted to have sex. & i recently went through a rape in the last year but i was still up for it , but the only dilema was we didnt have a condom. He told me being 18 and whatever he could control himself busting. so we went ahead and did it. he pulled out before he busted , but he told me he cant remember if he was busting while pullin out or not. because it was on me and him afterwords(jiz), im not ready to have a bby , but is it possible i am pregnant?? i also gave him head before we did it and he ejaculated, what is my possibility or percentage of being pregnant! HELP?

    it happened a week ago, is it to early to be feeling symptoms? Because i have been peeing frequently and havent been feeling to well in the morning, i also have great pain in my lower back and food cravings, are these symptoms?

    And please if your not trying to help dont comment, i know it was stupid.:) thank youu
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    1. This is exactly the reason why you should NOT have sex without A FUCKING CONDOM OR OTHER FORMS OF BIRTH CONTROL
    2. Morning after pill, you better have taken it.
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    I surely hope you aren't, 15 is no age to be pregnant but this is why if you are going to be sexually active you should be using a condom, birth control, and a morning after pill just to be sure.
    I say wait until a missed period, if that happens then you could pretty much expect to be pregnant.

    I hope everything goes well!

    - Kiae
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    Take a test in 4-5 weeks from the incident, watch for symptoms and watch for that maternal instinct that says you are. When I got pregnant I knew the day after having sex. Something kept telling me I was. I took litterly 2 pregnancy tests a day until I saw that pink line 4 weeks later despite knowing it couldn't show till then.

    Whether you are or not this a good time to begin discussing options with your boyfriend. Talk about what would happen if you were and what you'd want to do. You have 3 choices. Choose wisely. If you get that little pink line in 4 weeks set up an appointment at you local pregnancy care clinic. Most of those clinics offer a free counseling session with you and your partner to go over your options and discusses them in more detail. Some clinics even have special groups/counseling for after you make your choice. Ex. post abortion or birth mom support groups.

    What ever happens make sure you are prepared to make your choice mentally as anything you choose is affecting you and others.
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