maybe pregnant :/

    • maybe pregnant :/

      I'm not totally sure, but if I am, I'd be two weeks and a couple days in. It's sort of a feeling, I can't describe it.

      I'm nineteen and totally not ready for a baby in my life, but at the same time, I know an abortion is out of the question. And I don't know how I'd emotionally be able to deal with adoption, and at the same time, I know there is no way I could raise a baby. The possible father has told me over and over no matter what.

      So two questions, for anyone who went through with giving up a baby how did you handle and prepare yourself for it?

      And about how much longer until I would know for sure? My period isn't due to come for another ten days or so.

      I feel like I don't know much on the topic at all and every time I try and google on the subject I usually can't find much and it just causes me anxiety :/ I'm not sure what to do, and help would be appreciated.

      Then again this could all just be complete paranoia on my behalf .... we did use a condom, but I'm not on birth control - but things happen and like I said, it's a feeling more than anything. I'm not even sure what sort of symptoms I would have at this point, all I could find is morning sickness, and while I haven't been feeling that I've also heard that not everyone feels it.
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      If I were you, I personally wouldn't start stressing yourself out with the options you have unless you find out that you're actually pregnant.

      As for right now, just relax. Most people begin to feel symptoms and pregnancy tests can tell from hormones anywhere from 6-9 weeks. If you're really that scared though, your doctor can do a hormone test from taking blood which can tell weeks before a pregnancy test.

      Did the condom break? If you don't think it did, then odd's are that you're not pregnant.

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      Hey there, I'm 18 and have a daughter, pregnant again by total accident.
      Some people get morning sickness within a week from being pregnant and some don't. Some people can also tell they are pregnant before a test could and some can't. When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew right away when I missed my period so I texted the father and told him what was up so he could get a test with me, sure thing, I was pregnant.
      I'm pregnant by him again, not long after having my first.. I kept my daughter because abortion was out of question and adoption would kill me but now that I have her I really wonder if me being her mom was the best thing for her but it could just be depression.. I'm keeping the second one too, it's another girl.
      As for you, don't worry too much, just keep going on with things and if your period doesn't come, get a test.
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