Phimosis makes my life hell.

    • Phimosis makes my life hell.

      Hello again. How to start? Well, i have phimosis. It's a medical condition that means you have a tight foreskin, making retracting it hard, painful or even dangerous if you are not careful. So, i have instructions on how to treat it, and sometimes it goes well, but sometimes i can't retract it at all. Is that normal? Also, i don't worry about it TOO much, but when my girlfriend start's worrying about it, i start too. I also have never been able to get my penis in full erection, but i think it's connected to the phimosis. Sometimes my girlfriend thinks i might never be able to get it up. And that makes me really sad. It feels like i am just an impotent fool, who can't be trusted. Is she having trust issues? She does say she thinks i can get it up, but sometimes she just starts thinking like that. And it really does not raise my motive, mood, or belief to fix it at all. :(

      I would not be surprised if she has trust issues, but i brought them upon me, and maybe i should suffer of them. I have been horrible to her before. Not anymore though, don't worry. :D By the way, we are long distance, so i can't hug and say "it will be alright". At the moment i don't even feel like it. Why would she want to hug a failure like me? :( Last night, just as we were getting ready to sleep, she said again she is worried about me never getting it up, and it just instantly made me sad, but i hid it. I just talked our usual goodnight talks and went to sleep shortly after. But at bed my mind was revolving on thoughts like these: "Why would anyone want to even hug a failure?", "Maybe i should not have kids.", "Maybe phimosis would make my son's life hell too." :(

      I don't even have a son, nor a daughter, but i wish to have someday, and i care about them already. I would really hate to pass my phimosis on to my possible son. So, what are you people's thoughts on anything i wrote? It's all just really worrying. If someone read through this, thank you, and if someone answers too, double thank you! :D
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      Thank you really much for answering. :D It's been quite a while since i posted this, so things are better in that field now. :) We visited the doctor for it (at the surgery clinic :o ) but luckily it was just a checkup on the progress. I had not even done stretching exercises in a long time, and then, before i knew it, the doctor stretched it back. :confused: But anyway, i will not go into too much detail, i doubt anyone wants that...