am i overreacting?

    • am i overreacting?

      I'm kinda dating someone and theres an other girl, a very close friend actually, that always gets the boys i'm dating.. i didnt know they knew eachother, but one day i where with some friends inclunding them both, and they couldnt stop talking, so i kept an eye on them as long as i could but some friends draged me away because they had to tell me something. and while we talked they had gone somewhere private and at the time i was sure they just talked. but lately she moved to her dads, and today she wrote on his wall on facebook , that she missed him and that she had a hard time keeping her hands of him..... and he answerd that he missed her to and that he wanted to meet her soon.

      i'm truly heartbroken and i'm afraid to tell my friends, caus i'm worried they'll think i'm being paranoid or that they just dont care..
      i just need someone to talk to ..

      sorry for my bad english, but i'm scandinavian :)
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      I suggest talking to both of them separately about the situation, ask how they know each other, and if they're close, mention the facebook posts and hint that you're a bit jealous of the situation. If you're going out with this guy and hes your boyfriend then he should understand how posting on this girls wall that he misses her would upset you. If he doesnt understand that then hes not worth your time.
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      Just posting on the wall saying “Miss You” is not much of a matter to worry, take it easy friend. But if you think there is something between them then do not hustle the question straight away. Just collect some evidence which will make sense. Then you can stick to your own decision.
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      Posting something sweet like that on the wall of the opposite sex definitely looks awkward. Why not just inform the other through PM? I think the girl is doing this on purpose. But then again, she's your friend & you know her better. Talk to the guy, maybe he's just doing that so that he won't hurt the girl which obviously likes him.
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      Well there is nothing with having friends of the opposite sex
      and usually the girl best friend is harmless and I would usually
      say that you should try and get to know her and see who she
      really is...

      but that message on his wall I would be concerned to
      I think you need to talk to him about it and also watch for
      warning signs and red flags.

      If he's cheating on you then break up with him and move on.
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      You might have to worry bout your friend.
      My best friend's dating smo, and one of her friends (also dating smo but kind of a bitch) is trying to steal her bf (real bitch)
      Watch out for any signs of cheating. And watch the girl. You should really talk to them separately. Don't take "you're stupid" or "you're being paranoid" for and answer.