18th Birthday in 4 Days - Help!

    • 18th Birthday in 4 Days - Help!

      I'm turning 18 in a few days. The problem isn't what I want to do- it's what everyone else wants to do. I'm expected to go out and get wasted. I'm expected to hang out with friends. I'm expected to do at least one thing illegal and just have fun and let loose, right?

      Not gonna happen.

      I hate drinking, smoking, clubs, crowds, and I even hate birthdays. (I just sound like a ball of fun don't I?) I have friends, don't get me wrong, but none that I want to celebrate with- they all will just do drugs and screw each other and I just am not into that.

      But my parents don't understand at all. They want me to go out like a, "normal teenager." I feel like I'm letting them down because I'm nothing like what an 18 year old should be like. :(

      I need to:
      A) Get out of the house so my parents don't accost me with presents/cake/songs or try to throw me a surprise party. This will just make me feel 100000x times more pathetic than I already do. They will continually ask me what's wrong and why I'm not with my friends and then try to psychoanalyze me.
      B) Get away form coworkers and friends who will just insist on getting wasted.
      C) Not hurt anyone's feelings.

      Most teenagers spend it with their boyfriend, I guess, but I don't date. (My choice, long story.) Most teenagers have one best friend they confide in and hang out with... I have tons of, "friends," but no one I'm close to.

      I'm honestly considering driving somewhere in my car and sleeping in a parking lot, hiding out, and then returning in the morning and being like, "Oh yeah what a great party it was last night, blah blah." But... they'll wanna see pictures... help! ;( This is way too stressful for what's supposed to be a happy day!

      I want my parents to think I'm out having fun with friends, becasue I know that would make them happy- like I said, they just want me to be a, "normal," teenager.

      Sucks to be them, cause I'm not.

      Any ideas? :( Birthdays are supposed to be happy but this is just stressing me out and honestly I want to hide away until all of the pressure about turning 18 is off of me!
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      Okay, I've been through that exact path. I'm 19, and when I turned 18, I was free. I could go to parties, get wasted etc. But I hate clubs, I hate drinking, I hate smoking, I hate mostly everything about what happens in a club. When I was 18, my parents talked me into going with a few friends to a club, I just wanted to sit at home and watch a movie, but no they made me go to a club. Walked in, I hated the smell...the noise, the grinding people. It was awful and I will never go to a club again. It just disgusts me. I'm not that fun, and I usually would prefer reading a book at home then going to a club and getting wasted. You're not alone, many 18/19 year olds don't go to party or go to clubs. And if people ask for pics, say you didn't have time, didn't bring your camera, phone was flat, etc.
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      First of all, your birthday is a day before mine, check my profile XD

      Second, I'm like you. I don't like drinking, smoking, etc. It's not that we think it's bad, it's just that we actually don't care. I don't go to parties that much either, but when I do, I'm the designated driver... As far as celebrating my birthday goes, I think I'm just going to hang out with my closest friends and hit up the arcade or something or maybe even plan a day trip to Six Flags if me and my friends don't have much homework next weekend

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      You sound like me, lol. I hate parties and environments like that.

      You could always go with a group of friends and go out and do stuff like laser tag, a roller rink, bowling, mini golf, go karting, etc. There are lots of fun things to do with friends that don't require you doing anything illegal.