Does He Really Like Me?

    • Does He Really Like Me?

      So, I have 4th period with this guy. When I first saw him, I wasn't really attracted to him until like two weeks later. Not long after that (I never told anyone I like him), he started to look at me and do little stupid stuff to get my attention, like tap me on the back with a ruler.
      Back in September, he told me he liked me but I payed no heed to him because I knew he was a player and was in a relationship at the time.
      One day we were in the lunch line and his class has a tendency to break. Now, I standing there talking to someone in front of me when he looks back at me and say, 'That's my boo right there,' In front of all his friends and my classmates. Yes, I was embarrassed and turned around until they walked out.
      Recently, he got my number after asking almost all day for it. He texted me like a week later but I didn't know who it was until he confronted me in school. He did it again the next night too.

      One of my guy friends, who's also in that class, claims the boy really likes me because he doesn't act the same way with the other girls he flirts with.

      I honestly don't know, but I would love your honest opinion on it so I'd know whether to move on or not.