I feel im alone...(Please honest answers)

    • I feel im alone...(Please honest answers)

      Ok I want to start off with the basics about me so you know a little bit about me and you might be able to help me. Ok my name is Gavin, I am some what short, I am a freshman living in Arizona and am a really caring and kinda shy person. In my free time i design stuff for video games but also make music on the computer and I also play guitar, I don't think i really look like a nerd, and the one "bad" thing about me is...I have enocpresis. If you don't know what it is its, in simple words, a bowel distorter, I'm not trying to gross anyone out just telling you info. Anyway thats really the one thing that people hate about me...I was harassed about smelling last year but since iv gotten into highschool iv gotten more control over it. Now for the advice part...I can't seem to find a girl I like that I have any chance with at my school, the rumors have come with me from my old school to my new highschool and lots of people iv never even met already know. Everyday is a pain because no girl will look at me anymore like they use to. I feel like i'm so alone, i do have friends but not a whole lot, and I really just want a girl who will like me for who I am and not be bothered by what other people say and can understand my problem and live with it as long as we are together...I really don't know what to do, im constantly depressed by this and its affecting my school work and motivation. I was diagnosed with this disease when I was probably about a year old, maybe even sooner. I do see a doctor but what they are doing for me, medicine wise, doesn't help much so I have to learn to take control of this disease by myself, and its going ok but is a VERY VERY slow process..in the mean time I just want a girl to love me and be beside me every step of the way, but like I said no girl will even look at me and noone understands what its like having this disease...please help me, I really don't know what to do anymore.....
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      High school is a pain my friend. It really is. You're only a freshman, which means you and every other freshman have lots of growing to do, mentally and physically. Relationships are extremely difficult and confusing at such a young age. If you happen to get into one soon, it likely will not be your last. But you're young, you have plenty of time to find that girl who see's past all your flaws. Just keep searching.

      I understand how hard it must be for you to walk through the halls with a condition such as your's. Kids these days are brutal. But who care's what they think? You are you, and you should never let anyone change that. Just walk through those halls with your head up and smile :) Hang in there friend
      Just smile. I promise it won't kill you
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      In Canada. if you wish for a change in medication, you can easily get it if you feel that your current one isn't working for you. I don't know how it works in Arizona, but could you ask for a prescription change? something that would work better for you?

      as for your social situation. you sound shy and withdrawn. try to put yourself out there and expand your social circle. or strengthen the bonds with the friends you already have.

      since you are musical i would suggest you go ass over tea kettle in that and get into a band. trust me, if you want the babes and interesting friday nights, playing in a band is the way to go. or go the dj route with your computer music and start playing clubs. everyone loves a dj.

      when i started highschool i found it hard to connect with most people as well. you may have just matured mentally faster than your peers or be at a mismatch for your environment. girls at your age tend to be shallow and go for the popular or unsavoury types. things that would help would be getting into shape and leaning to dress well;(dressing well does not mean expensive, colour coordinate, wear timeless fashions, hygiene, etc).

      keep strong and stay humble. it does get better.
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      this is quite a hard situation. i think you need to be more confident about yourself and not care what anyone thinks of you, even if the prettiest girl dislikes you for your disease. try be more social and message people other than your friends even. you could even complement girls whenever you see them.. they will feel valued and will accept your approach. give it a go.