I like him but not sure what to do =?

    • I like him but not sure what to do =?

      Ok there is this guy i like, we talked a couple of times on Facebook... and we greet each-other when we meet in school... I really really like him and not sure what to do, I wanna send him candy for valentines as an anonymous and if he figures out its me then i'll just go along with it. should i do that?
      also you guys should know that he is from czech republic and im from usa so he might be a little nervous to talk in english or whatever, but when we write on facebook then i can see he knows english well
      please help :(
    • Re: I like him but not sure what to do =?

      Yea, send him something for Valentines. I think candy will do? You have to see others' opinions.

      But yes, send him something without clearly stating your identity. In fact, you should sort of, leave unintentional clues on the gift/card so that he can be sure it's from you.

      You get what I mean? Like, you don't want him to know who the gift is from but actually you want him to.

      Hope you get something from him too :)
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