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      Welcome to Exodus Unknown. We are not your normal freeshard. We are the home of the Classic Ultima Online experience. Scripted to match the most modern MMO models. We are a PVP/PVE Shard. No one is left out!

      Upon entering our shard, you will be taken to the beach of Kaadara, the capital of Kartia. There is NO skillcap and you will start with a Skillball for 500 points (5xGM) and some other goodies unique to our world. Take a few minutes to glance at the most expansive custom scripting you have seen on any shard. We also have our own custom lands, which are known as Shina'r, Kartia, and Ilse. These new lands have replaced Felucca, Ilshenar, and Malas. Furthermore, we currently we have 2 powerful custom classes in game, the Blue Mage and Assassin. Future classes are under development. While in game, you can switch to any of your characters with a simple command as long as you are standing in your home or an inn.

      We have been striving to create a very balanced economy. One that is not driven by grinding constant champ spawns or "uber" drops. There are no single “uber” characters or items. Our shard is about balance and enjoyment for all players. Crafters who earn reputation will have the ability to not only turn in a BOD for a reward but to purchase needed power scrolls to level your character for a controlled price. This is the same for all classes.

      Our custom systems include but, are not limited to:

      Character Leveling System.
      Custom Deco. (~8,000 NEW)
      Character Reputation System.
      Custom Fishing and T.Map Systems.
      Custom NPC’s.
      Custom “Buffs”.
      Custom Crafting systems.
      Custom Gumps to manage your game.
      Custom Pet Cross breeding, traits, abilities, and more!
      Custom Creatures. (~85 NEW)
      Custom Decorated Homes.
      Custom Items that drop on kills, death, and loot.
      Custom Farms and Food System.
      Custom Crafting of “buff” items.
      Custom Quests all over the shard.
      Custom Lands you have never experienced before!
      Old Dungeons with new hidden areas!
      Custom weapons, dropping with rarity, level requirements, and more!

      All those items for years that had no value all have value on our shard. There is never a time to be bored or not play because all the champ spawns are done. We also have daily PVP tournaments and other events depending on who the GM is. Want to go mining and would like a +20 mining buff for an hour, use your Exodus Dollars.

      As the owner and programmer for Exodus Unknown, I am committed to constantly developing our shard to enhance your playing experience.

      We welcome you to your new home and look forward to meeting you and hearing from you on your experience on our shard.