Why does everyone love 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    • Why does everyone love 2001: A Space Odyssey?

      This is a serious question. I'm not attempting to flame anyone or troll; I'm actually serious. Why is this movie so highly regarded?

      I saw this film for the first time a few years ago, and still remember it... for how inanely boring and unbelievably bizarre it was. After watching, I simply asked myself, "Why?" Why did I sit and endure almost 2 hours of pure LSD-trip insanity with the intriguing nature of a pencil sitting on a chair?

      I never understood what anything meant when I first watched it. I had to be told by my uncle about what the monolith meant, why we were shown 10 minutes of spaceships floating to The Blue Danube, why we were subject to almost 20 minutes of a 60s psychedelic trip into the colors of the wind, and why we were shown a gargantuan baby with absolutely no warning whatsoever, except to tell non-book readers, "HA! Didn't see that coming, did ya?"

      I understand it all. I know every symbolic meaning to this film. Why? Because I attempted to like it. I did. I attempted to understand the long, drawn-out phases of events that were as compelling as watching security camera footage from a grocery store at 3 am. I attempted to grasp the "epicness" that everyone so fervently talked about. I tried.

      "The message is what matters," most would say.

      ...No, it's not. Some would call me an idiot, assuming I'm the kind of guy who enjoys fast-paced, mindless movies that has no deep quality at all. But just this isn't true. I see so much when I watch film. I've seen over a thousand films in my lifetime; I'm a movie buff; I have a very diverse taste.

      But I cannot understand why "2001" is so highly praised. What is there to praise? Camera angles? "Absorbing the moment?" "Beauty?" "Beauty" is only beautiful for so long before it ends up outright mind-numbing. And I'm NOT insensitive. I can look at a sunrise for an hour. I can. But what is the cinematic point of looking at it for that long on a screen?

      A message is only compelling when it's accompanied by some sort of plot, but there is no observable plotline (or storyline, for that matter) in "2001: A Space Odyssey." None. You can't call "evolution of man" a plot; it isn't. You can't call "progression into the future" a story. It isn't; it's an idea. Moreso, in "2001," it's merely a depicted idea, but nothing more than depiction.

      Now, I'm going to get blasted for this on here. I'll be crucified for it. "'2001' is one of the most brilliant sci-fi films ever created!!! What's wrong with you?!!?!??!?!?!1 You are just too dumb to get it." I can hear the insults and retaliation coming forth already.

      But I'm posting this topic because I am actually, genuinely curious to know why everyone here regards it so highly. I want to know what you guys like about this film. Is it merely the "beauty?" If so, I applaud your ability to sit through nothing but stationary shots of space for 20 minutes at a time. I'm truly amazed. No really: I'm truly amazed. But really, tell me why you like it. I'm dying to know why.
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      It might be cool if they remade it using modern filming systems such a CGI and such, but it sucked... I liked the book better :lol:
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      Scaredycrow wrote:

      I don't think I've ever actually seen it, apart from a few clips here and there. It's got like 96% on Rotten Tomatoes though, that's pretty intense.

      Shakespeare in Love has a 93%, so it's certainly not a fool proof system.

      Butthurt Burt wrote:

      I think it's a pretty cool imagination and thought-provoking movie. You have to watch the movie while thinking past it instead of think about it sort of.

      That just comes across as saying like "you didn't understand it" which I don't find to be the case.

      Butthurt Burt wrote:

      even though a ton of hipster "film buffs" would rage if that happened.

      Sounds like a huge positive
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      It would've been a truly great movie if it was an hour shorter.
      That being said, there are still things in it that i think are really amazing even though you right that it's an overrated movie (but not a bad one) in general. I found the special effects still astounding even though they were made more than 40 years ago. The monolith plot line is mysterious and spooky in a good way that makes you think about the dark things in the background that we're maybe unaware of and the human vs. machine motif is also done pretty well.
      I think this movie has much more flaws than other classics it's been compared too but it's not an utter shit.
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      The effects were interesting, and it was cool to look at strictly as an example of how science fiction film theory and film criticism has evolved, but the overall plot is overrated and didn't hold my attention.
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