Why are a disproportionate number of terrorists Muslim?

    • Why are a disproportionate number of terrorists Muslim?

      Firstly I want to make it very clear I don't judge people based on their religion or anything like that, but after hearing about the Woolwich attack, which was comitted by a British man, not an Afghan, but a british man who happened to be an Islamic convert. I have met plenty of Muslims where I live who I get along with perfectly well, but it can't be said that someone is just as likely to commit acts of terror who is Christian, or Athiest, or Buddhist.

      All I want to know is why is this the case? For long I thought well it's the circumstances they live in in the middle east, but Michael Adebolajo was English, so were all 4 who committed the July 7 bombings, and the two men suspected of the boston marathon bombings had American citezenship.
      I'm pretty sure that nowhere in the Qu'ran does it say 'blow up your neighbour' so why is there this correlation, if there really is a correlation and the world's news stations haven't conspired to blow things out of proportion?

      Also I've seen a chart that says only a small proportion are terrorists are Muslim but it seems very hard to believe that would be based on evidence, but I would like to be proven wrong about that.
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      So does the bible and torah in Deuteronomy 13:6 . perhaps if we lived in a world where judaism and christianity were worshipped as fervently as islam then there would have it's own jihadists. perhaps those two religions have just gotten to a stage where it's organisations have mellowed down. where it's believers are further along the road to Atheism.
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      Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil | Washington's Blog

      Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims...Except the 99.6% that Aren't | loonwatch.com

      So... 90% of all terrorist attacks on American soil since the 80s have been carried out by non-muslims, and 99.6% of all terror attacks in Europe from 2006-2008 were carried out by non-muslims...

      So like. I'm just so confused as to the entire premise of this thread... It literally took me 3 minutes to find these articles. Just educate yourself next time.

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      Ari Gold wrote:

      Because their holy book teaches them that non-believers are inferior to them and that killing non-believers will earn them great rewards in the afterlife.

      Where, specifically, does it say that?
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      O.J. Simpson wrote:

      Because their holy book teaches them that non-believers are inferior to them and that killing non-believers will earn them great rewards in the afterlife.

      LOL if thats true you would be dead. Heres the thing, what you just said was a direct saying from the quran. The problem with that is it shows how damn naive you are. The quran was revealed during the time of war and conflict. You have to keep that in mind when trying to understand a piece of the quran its not straight forward. It needs interpertation. Just like everything else.
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    • [عدل]Terrorism kills even Muslims. Terrorism is not from Muslims. They only mutilate. They also kill Muslims. Only news that does not announce it, as there are killers, even in other religions. For example, why white people are so much skinned. Racists often go to Christian skin. Only Christians are Muslims. It is not so if we also take Bad idea about Christians or other religion
      [عدل]Also, all other religions other than Christians take the idea that white Christians are skinned, two elements to a large degree. Are you a racist if a Muslim is he a terrorist?
    • A question like this is heavily dependent of the geopolitical status of the world at any given time - back in the 80s, the average British person would image a terrorist as Irish (thanks to The Troubles). If you went to 1960s Vietnam, they'd tell you it's the Vietcong doing all the bombing. 1900s Russia? Ultra-Orthodox villagers who wanna cull the area of Jews.

      In many ways, the rise of violence committed in the name of Islam has a great amount to do with the state of matters in the Middle East - as major powers like the USA, UK, EU, Canada etc continue to bomb and destabilise Middle Eastern countries, extremist groups will radicalise converts and young, vulnerable men to commit attacks on Western soil as a sort of war of attrition. Contrary to popular belief, radicalisation usually occurs less through doctrinal teachings (otherwise, why wouldn't most terrorists be older Islamic scholars and imams?) but rather through general grooming methods also seen in gang recruitment and, to some extent, even army recruitment - 'You don't belong here, you have no meaningful role living the life you currently do, you don't have a place here but WE can offer you glory, a purpose and a role within our ranks to fight for a greater purpose.' A well-adjusted, confident and popular young person doesn't uproot their life to join ISIS or blow themselves up in the name of a conflict thousands of miles away just like a happy, healthy and self-assured young white boy doesn't suddenly shoot up his school.

      Also, we have to keep our eye on ultra-conservative forces in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia - the ultra-orthodox ideology of the Saudi royal family (Wahhabbism) is easily one of the most hard-line and literalist of any form of Islam seen in modern history. before their rise, major figures in the Middle East such as the Sharif of Mecca, Ottoman Sultans, Mughal Emperors etc were seen as relatively secular and modern by European standards and enjoyed a great relationship with the modern superpowers. Once those leaders had been overthrown, a vacuum had been created that was easily filled by conservative imams and wealthy Arab oil barons (like the Saudis) to promote a uiltra-orthodox ideology and fund mosques to promote their doctrine around the world.