Movies/shows/books for the new year?

    • Movies/shows/books for the new year?

      I'm trying to compile a list of movies and shows to watch and books to read for the year of 2015 and need some help.

      For some guidelines...
      I love anime. My favorites are Soul Eater, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Black Butler, and Blue Exorcist. I've seen many more than that, but feel free to suggest any. I'm not opposed to anime of any genre.
      My favorite non-anime shows are How I Met Your Mother, Avatar (tLA and LoK), and The Office (US).
      I love thriller movies that mess with my head, like Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect. I also love cheesy, feel-good rom-com like Hitch and the Holiday. I'm not big into scary movies.
      I am, however, huge into fantasy books. Harry Potter is definitely a favorite of mine. I also love Cirque du Freak and Maximum Ride (more nostalgic reads for me, as I read them in middle school). Sci-fi novels are also great, like 1984 and Brave New World (call me a geek. I dare you).

      I'm pretty open to any suggestions, and thanks for the help in advance! :blush:
    • Even though it isn't 2015 anymore, :D

      I saw Blood + (it's also anime) and I liked it.

      You might like to watch or read "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events". A lot of people say the books are more scary/depressing but some people like that. I saw the movie and I've watched some of the series so far. I liked them both. <3