Not sure about this girl

    • Not sure about this girl

      I'm just about to leave high school in a couple of weeks and I've been to a few parties in recent weeks and started talking to this girl from my school. I've never really spoken to her untill the party, we only spoke for about 20min alone but was together for most of the night in a group. But I can't really remember what was said because I was drunk. So I was just thinking is there any point in talking to her when we leave school in a couple of weeks, if we was already dating we could just meet up but seen as I don't know how she feels or what she will feel do you think there's any point in trying to start something between the two of us?
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      Yes... there's nothing to lose if it ends in few weeks... and potentially lot to gain :)

      try to talk to her in person... most others will try to do it on Fb or over the phone, so try to be slightly different...

      and as a start line you can tell her that you know you had good time talking to her, but since you were very drunk, you can't remember what you were talking... and ask her did you make a fool out of yourself :D That will probably make her laugh (and after that she is all yours)

      - Make women laugh and she won't care how you look like ;)