F Lux

    • F.lux is being able to control the light intensity of one's computer screen, and, be in full control of its settings so that come evening after the sun sets, the screen dims down to a pleasant pinky shade so that it naturally adjusts to your eyesight, dramatically reducing eyestrain and screen-induced headaches so at bed time you find sleep more naturally. The blueish light your devices emit can be responsible for causing headaches and insomnia, confusing the brain at night thinking it's still daylight, keeping you awake. This software is completely free and can be turned off when you are viewing images or running Photoshop and similar. The f.lux icon, a blue and yellow yin/yang-type circle lies in your systems tray. Very handy and unobtrusive.

      Right-clicking my mouse on the systems tray makes f.lux easy to manipulate according to the time of day/lighting whether I am using tungsten lightbulbs, halogen or fluorescent. A lovely soothing screen colour can be adjusted according to your personal settings. F.lux will ask for your zip code or post code and a couple of questions as to what computer you are using. They won't spam you, and they will never ask for your email address. Before downloading the software I used to have vicious headaches from working many hours at my display. Since, my eyestrain and headaches have gone.

      There aren't many things in our cyber world that are free, but f.lux is one of them.

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    • I have used F.lux for about a year and I would have to agree that it reduces eyestrain when I view my monitor at night. The screen does look a bit more orange when it is on, but you will get used to it and you will thank yourself in the future for switching. In fact, now, when I do disable it for color-sensitive applications, the light intensity hurts my eyes.