What have been the best Operating Systems of your choice?

    • What have been the best Operating Systems of your choice?

      It all started with Windows ME (Millennium Edition), but Microsoft pulled it in 2003, though it was extended to 2006. In its time it was the operating system that brought revolution. Introduced cursor, graphics and the gaming system on which all next generation computer games were based and I was just 13 when I fell in love with that OS.

      My alltime fave was Windows XP Professional. In its time it was an absolute beast, I loved it! On it I started using the earlier form of SpacePilot Pro and Revit Architrecture (Autodesk) to work my design project for a travelator that's now in use in international airports for baggage, and two years ago, its trolley application in hypermarkets. Revit and Spacepilot-P gave me an enormous creative scope all the way through to Windows 7, was as exciting and as challenging ever. Windows 7 was the natural progression. It was so easy to install and to this day has never crashed. I use Windows 7 for foruming. Just luvvit! :D

      I couldn't hack Windows 8/8.1. And thought Vista was a pig.

      For the professional side of my job now I use a highly specc'd Mac Pro and am eagerly waiting for their latest OS to hit the streets, the Xeon E5 v4 processor, code named “Broadwell-EP”. Should be out very soon.

      What have been your fave OS systems?

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