When I come to the end of my road and the sun has set for me,
      I want no rites in a gloom filled room why cry for a soul set free.
      Miss me a little, but not for to long and not with heads bent low,
      Remember the love that we once shared, miss me, but let me go.
      For this is a journey we all must take and each must go alone,
      It's all apart of the Masters plan a step on the way to go home.
      When you are lonely and sick of hurt, go to the friends we know,
      And bury your sorrow in doing good deeds, miss me, but let me go.


      Why does life go like some sort of TV show with happiness hurt and pain and some people go insane,
      Why do things happen like they should never do why do people live on hatred and sin too,
      For we should all be happy living our lives free, but if you are all drugged up then you will never see,
      For I am a person filled with love and hope even if I give people money and make myself broke,
      I will help people as much as I can until they move off into another land.
      My brain and heart fill with all emotions, but I get on with my life until a new door opens,
      I will walk in there and I will see a beautiful land flash in front of me,
      In heaven's skyies for that is where I will be, for this is Gods land as beautiful as we can see.
      For this is a journey for when our time has come, all I ask for is to pray for forgiveness and forget the sins you've done.


      It's hard getting through life without getting in trouble, 'cause it always ends up in some sort of muddle,
      It's hard to learn these things to life, 'cause you always have to put up some sort of a fight.
      Put your mind to something and let it flow slow, it's not like you have to put on a show,
      Not everything’s perfect 'cause why does it have to be, as you get older you will maybe see.
      Dreams and thoughts are two of the same things, but one gets you through life and the other lets you wish,
      So put this together and live a happy life, these are some of the things that will help you survive.


      There are some people that thinks life’s simple but they just drift away just like popping a pimple,
      It's hard for them 'cause they don't understand why things go hard in this God forsaken land.
      For people like me its more easy to see because my life hasn’t been that easy,
      Dreams go a stray, but you don't know what to say in the end most of us have a nice day,
      But if your happiness drifts away, call up a friend and say good-day.


      Life is like a lullaby - I don't know how and I don't know why,
      Dreams float around in the air and they fly trying to find that sweet summer's sky.
      We walk around daily doing our good deeds, planting new seeds to let us breath with the trees,
      Roaming around freely doing what we do, sleeping screaming crying is all apart of it too.
      Dealing with these events with day to day life is one way of helping us live in the open wide,
      Helping and caring for people we don't even know helps show the world on how things can grow.
      Watching the hurt getting spread all around sometimes makes you feel like your getting dragged down,
      Surviving the cruel things that can happen to us will hopefully bring us together and all link arms,
      For we should live happily with arms opened wide so then no one will end up getting pushed to a side.

      ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      ~ Clouds ~

      Nothing can become everything all at once,
      Shallow, deep, hollow, full, free, bound,
      The most boring of sights becomes the most profound…
      To see with your eyes wide open is the same as with eyes tightly shut,
      For if eyes be open to wide you miss an aspect without fail,
      But those with eyes shut know the backs of their eyelids in detail…
      Regardless of what you see or what you don't,
      As long as you feel the words that have been spoke,
      Then the depth, perception, bias of the eyes need not apply,
      Don't look…think, don't stare…observe, for one moment let your eyes be shy…

      open your eyes...
      look around to see what has already been seen
      go places to be where others have already been
      walk up to a bench to sit where others have sat.

      open your mind...
      read about issues to learn what has been learnt
      observe your surroundings and think what people have thought
      expand your experiences and teach something that others have taught.

      open your heart...
      embrace someone with love who has felt loved
      cradle a tear as your heart breaks like others have broken
      lock the key and don't wake what has already been awakened.

      open your arms...
      hold people close for though they've been held, they need more
      take the hand of a hand well held, for they need you as well
      cuddle someone you love because they have felt all of the above...
      and they wanted you
      and you are the only thing in your life that no one else has been...

      Looking down at the clouds beneath, next to, surrounding me,
      They can be the keeper of infinite shapes your mind gets for free,
      But to jump towards desire onto a suddenly hollow bed of white,
      You too will feel the thud of falling through an object deceived as whole by sight,
      For as you fall into the fluffy array of purity you will swiftly discover,
      That the transparent clouds of vapour are hardly even a cover,
      Once falling you are powerless to stop and there is no eject,
      Just to keep falling for the beauty in which you have met,
      Such a belief can sometimes be right,
      For as Christopher Marlowe once said "who ever lov'd that lov'd not at first sight"…


      Sometimes the best memories people make, are new ones.