I saw a Moth Die

    • I saw a Moth Die

      For days i watched this moth in the ceiling of my garage
      flying from corner to corner, playing tag on my car top as the days passed
      Look at him, flickering his wings all over without a care in the world
      Pitching, flying, flying, pitching, in the air making a twirl
      Then i thought to myself, how cool would life be to be a moth
      All these problems i face i would have forgotten
      Flying where ever i choose
      Leaving all my problems behind, what better is there to choose
      But one day, when i drove home and parked my car, i looked up and saw no moth
      He is normally here, where did his little wings bring him,he is not in his spot
      Then i looked down at my feet and there he was, flapping his wings on the floor
      He could not fly anymore
      I picked him up, held the little creature in my hand until the last flap left his wing
      We flesh beings are powerless against death, no matter how great we think we are
      Moth or Man, the book of death is never closed to anyone, opened or ajar
      Good by my little moth, i hope you sleep well
      Will i see you again, only death can tell ,