Poem (no title yet)

    • Poem (no title yet)

      *please tell me what you think*
      I gaze upon the starless sky
      Tired and anxious for no reason why
      I think "Won't I be better off dead?"
      As I watch others who walk on by

      I wonder why I only feel pain
      I ask "Am I the only one,
      So trapped, so lonely, forever
      In this gilded cage?"

      My mask in place
      A smile so fake, yet regarded as true
      Hides my agonizing pain
      That's what I've learnt at least

      "Don't let them see, don't trust them
      Don't truly feel, don't open your heart
      Cause if you do you'll let them inside"
      Words repeated like a mantra in my head

      The pain I feel,
      Just makes me want to disappear
      No knives can replace it
      No pens can make it better

      Even though I write these words
      Please understand its not a plea
      I want you to know how fucked up I feel
      I want you to know what a mess I am

      I don't want your help
      I feel better in the pain
      Cause the pain can numb,
      The hurt HER words cause

      My mind seems shattered
      My own broken world
      With a blood red moon, A quiet, dead forest
      And a never-ending maze of collapsing ruins

      No matter which way I run,
      No matter how many times I scream,
      I'm always alone in a foggy haze
      With no hope in sight

      I gaze upon the dark grey sky
      As raindrops fall to the ground
      I stop and think
      "won't it all be better if I was to die"

      Because truth be told
      I'm not really living
      With all the deceitful words SHE spews
      Why should I be allowed freedom

      After all,
      I truly am worthless,
      Nothing but a stranger,
      A loner and an outsider
      The Devil is real but he is not a little red man with horns and a tail. he is beautiful because he was the first fallen angel.