Short Story: Stranded

    • Short Story: Stranded

      It's been two weeks since I've been stranded on this island as I dread to think of how my family is but I write this in hopes that they find this and now what has happened.

      My name is Amber. I had been on a plane headed for Cairo, Egypt to study archeology. On this plane there were six of us, including the pilots. I had thought we had just hit a pocket of turbulence, or so the pilots had said but we had run out of fuel. You might be thinking "why didn't the pilots tell us this!?", the answer to that is fairly simple, they had forgotten to say that the fuel gauge was broken so they could not tell if there was fuel or not.

      The emergency oxygen supply came down and the turbulence got worse. Even with the seatbelt a on we were being thrown around. I hit my head on the seat in front of me, blacking out. When I awoke I could see huge cloudy symbols that sail across the nights starred face, veiling and unveiling the moon. It took me a while to realize I was still alive, still breathing, that I ,somehow, had a way to make it out of this alive. I sat up and look around me at the wreckage, I didn't see any of the others that had been on the plane. I look around the wreckage for supplies that I could use. I decided to stay near the wreckage.

      It's cold at night so I know I have to start a fire or risk hyperthermia. I have enough emergency supplies to last for around a month. I wonder where the others are, I had found the pilots earlier, they were dead, branches had broken through the windows in the pilots cabin and pieces of glass had been imbedded into them. They were dead long before the plane hit the ground. I knew I couldn't leave them there to rot so I dug shallow graves and had taken broken branches to make a cross and made sure they stayed together with vines.

      I fear for my sanity as each day goes by. I find that my only solace is in writing these words. I had found out what had happened to the hostess on the plane. I had come across a pack of wolves, I was lucky they did not notice me, the same could not be said for the hostess. I have no idea what has happened to the other passengers and I dread to find out.

      I have given up all hope of rescue, I guess this journal is no longer a plea for help but a statement on my safety. If I were to die now I don't think I would have any regrets.

      *any thoughts. Tell me if you like it or not, tell me what you liked or disliked about it*
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