Fading colours

    • Fading colours

      Shattered and sheltered,
      You only see in black and white,
      The colours are gone
      And the world's gone grey!

      As your words fall on deaf ears,
      The demons taunt and tease,
      Trapped inside your own mind
      Your slowly going insane.

      You cry out for help
      Yet there is none to be found,
      Staring at faceless people,
      Who grin at your misfortune.

      Shackled and chained,
      You can't help but break.
      When their true nature shows
      And your left on your own.

      Your trust is hard-gained
      And your love locked in ice,
      You push everyone away,
      To make the hurt disappear.

      Yet your still here,
      Still standing strong!
      You don't give up hope
      That someone, somewhere
      will love you for who you are.
      The Devil is real but he is not a little red man with horns and a tail. he is beautiful because he was the first fallen angel.