Bicurious girl

    • Bicurious girl

      So im most likely bisexual. I am bicurious and like the thoughts. So very curious tbh. But always feel awkward if I think about flirting with a girl in real life lol. Can't be that bad I know, not like first-time sex with a guy where a foreign hard organ will be inside you omg lol. But just don't know how to, and am too shy to take the initiative. How do I, in a non-moronish way, let a girl know that I am bi, asking if she's into girls, and telling her I want to have sex with her lol? Guys have never been any awkwardness to flirt and go to bed with, probably cus you don't have to do anything as a girl but looking at him or talk to him in the sofa for 2 min then you're making out. Can't really do that with a girl, cus I don't know if she's into girls u know. So guide me, if there are any experienced bi/homo women here :)
    • i had the same thing going on too and i feel like the best way is to talk with them and try to know them a little and then ask them if they want to have sex with you. and yeah you can do that with a girl and talk with her ok it will make it better

      and i hope that help a little :) :)
      love may come one day for you but not for me :P
    • I know ppl will disagree but if you drink or get high this can take some of the nerves away. I'm not saying get wasted, just a little buzz. Any activity where your clothes come off can be a opportunity to see how she reacts. Like swimming when your changing into bikini or whatever and both of you have boobs out see if shes into letting you touch and if she wants to touch. Sleepovers playing truth or dare comes with alot of opportunity. Watch a movie or tv show with a lesbian scene and see how she reacts. There are many ways just depends on your situation.

      Cum get naughty with me...
    • when you meet a female just talk to her an introduce yourself to her an talk about anything or if you are work with female's open up to them ,by say what do you think about this issues and tell her what you like about her an that's she cute an so on an if she says something different then it's on or tack your time to open her door to her love life , yes you have a great butty or ass like to see your face an your hot sexy body dome day, if you real like to experience bi sexual activity ask your mother for some help or just have lunch with her an dont be nervous or shy just say if she every had any experience with othere female's an that you would like her to tech me , mostly what do you think about your mom's Grilefrineds, do you think about them sexual or just fantasize about them, it's the same with any female, do you like reading drity confessions or young confessions the website has lots an it's new to myself and I real like to get to know female more then bi males it's something to go by a. Start to Express the topic, dont be shy or nervous because its normal for all of us for it to experience it, love to know more about your life and what to place or some photos or a vedio if I may ask for this request,