Choosing career in welding

    • Choosing career in welding

      I am still confused about choosing my career. I am a high school graduate. I am average in studies. I have decided to seek a job in the trade industry. There are several streams coming under trade. At first, I didn’t know which one to choose. Then, I did a detailed research about the different trades like electrical services, plumbing etc. I had a tough time choosing the right one. After researching about each and every industry, I have decided to choose welding. I have read that the education requirements of welding vary by employer. What are the basic qualifications required for a welder? There are lots of welding courses and these courses have scope in various industries. I am going to join a welding school in Toronto and I have decided to do an arc welding course. I have also read that a welder needs to get certified before entering into the welding industry. How can someone get certified in welding? Do welding institutions provide certification?