Advice pleeeease

    • Advice pleeeease

      So basically I had a small party at my house yesterday and after it I was in my bed with my gf and we started to make out and get really into it. I had no intention of it turning sexual (I was a bit drunk, we haven't had sex yet and our friends were sleeping in the room next to us), except I maybe did not exactly show that with my actions... But i mean she wasn't definitely into it to, but I think she ended up realizing this had the potential to turn into more than making out, so then she told me something like "were not doing this today, you're still drunk" and honestly I agreed but in my drunkenness i didn't know how to express that without it seeming like a "no why would you think that, I'd never want to have sex with you" which definitely is not true. So I ended up mumbling something weird I think, and we kissed a bit and went to sleep.

      But now im wondering if i should talk to her about last night, but I don't know how to without it being really awkward... (fyi we're both 15 and we've been together for like 8 months)
    • Just talk to her the way you always do and casually say that you're apologizing for being such drunk last night.

      Maybe you can recognize according from her reaction if she wants to talk about it or not.

      Also you can mention that you have just vague memories of the last night, and add, that you hope you didn't behave too embarrassing ir such.
    • I would say openly communicate with her about this topic before doing anything since you guys are still young. I've met a lot of girls older than you that regret losing their virginity at 15 or 16 because that is when they thought they were too 'young and dumb'. But I also understand you are in the moment. Whatever you do, just make sure it's a consciousness decision that involves insightful input from both you and your girlfriend.
    • Thanks guys!
      If you're interested, I ended up having a really long conversation with a friend about that's night and other stuff and turns out my girlfriend had said the exact same things to that friend ans that she wanted to talk about it but was hesitant because she wasn't sure if i remembered. So I had the conversation with my girlfriend to clear everything up and she clarified that she wasn't angry at all and would've been into it but didn't want me to regret it later. And we even had the talk on if both of us would want something more to happen in the relatively soon future.Yeah I'm young but I honestly think I'm ready. I know my body and what I like, and I really love this girl. The only thing making me doubt a bit is my anxiety and like being afraid of it being awkward and also the fact that she's a bit more experienced than me (but also the only other time she's done stuff was a weird complicated abusive situation that almost turned into rape at some point with her stepbrother, so i can't really be jealous of that. But that's a whole other subject) but I told her all of that and she's been really understanding and doesn't mind taking it slowly.