My new stepmother wants to spank me..!

    • My new stepmother wants to spank me..!

      My name is signe and I am 14 years old. I come from Denmark with my father that i lived alone with for most of my life.

      My father has alot of business travel to do, so normaly i was home by myself most of the time which worked really well for me.

      Recently, like only a few weeks ago, he met and married Julie, who he is very fond of. He told me that he consider us both really lucky as now i have a good woman to look after me and take care of me when he is on businesstrips.

      When I frist met Julie i thought she was very nice and she treated me ok. Last week my fad and I moved in with her, which i was very sad about as I had to leave my school and all my friends behind to go to a new place where i dont know anyone.

      This i can take as I am good at meeting new people and making new friends.

      The REALLY bad thing is though, that Julie told me that starting tomorrow she will start spanking me when and if she thinks that i misbehave...
      I was like WHAT THE FUCK..!!!
      I am 14 years old, have nerver evner been spanked before, and I think that i am WAY to old to be over her knees for a spanking...!

      I tried talking with her about it, but she has firmly decided that it will be good for me with this kind of discipline.

      Now i AM really anxious and scared as I really dont want to get spanked by her tomorrow....

      Anyone evner been spanked at my age and can tell me what to expect? I mean, i know its going to hurt and be totaly humiliating...
    • I unetstand what you are going through with your friends an your new home an your stepmother,
      1, your stepmother is going overboard with the spanking she wants yo know how much can you handled by her action an what you are going to do about her actions even that you are 14,, yes you are passed thay age to be spanked.
      2. She is setting up spme rule's that you need yo follow or eals her way or thr highway.
      3, are you going to explain to your father about your spanking issues or just let her feel your assbut when she spanks you,
      4, do you think that your stepmother is hot an sexy for her to put hand on your assbut, YES / NO..
      5.have you had sexual activity with an older female YES / NO
      6. Dont be telling your friends about the sexual issues , it will get out of hand you need yo real trust someone or just keep in touch with me bro , its hard to start new over aging but if you are good at mskeing friends then good hunting bro ,just keep some issues with in yourseld for safe keeping an good times to remember by eith a vedio or a hide camera. Good luck bro happy hunting.
    • Its true that it’s quite rare for a teenager to get spanked although it does happen...I understand the reservation with a stepmum doing it although in all honesty if they’re responsible for you they’re not going to ignore you and they’re responsible for you...if this is their manner of discipline then you do kind of need to accept’s not as if they’re planning to do it for no reason either so just make sure you behave - even more so when around her.
      I know from personal experience that it’s not fun and have been through similar.
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      EmilyAnne wrote:

      You need to find out what the law is where you are for that and so have a serious talk with your dad
      She isn’t your mother and even if she was she shouldn’t be hitting you

      you are absolutely not leave it just like that..speak to your dad and find a solution for it..
      hi friends, send me PM for anything else..I love to receive more messages ...thanks