As a lesbian, what turns you on?

    • As a lesbian, what turns you on?

      There’s so many different ways, you can’t categorize them all into one category.
      Physical appearance:
      • Boobs. The more, the merrier. I LOVE big boobs. They’re so much softer, and I’m not flat, but I’m not the most gifted in that area, so maybe being able to have my way with assets I’m a little jealous of does something for me, as well.
      • The tummy. They don’t have to be very toned, but I like a flat tummy. I might be willing to lay someone with a slight muffin top, but very slight. They just tend to be a huge turn-off for me.
      • Height. It’s not that I don’t find taller girls attractive, but I’ve never slept with or made a move on anyone taller than me. I think it’s subconscious… I’m very dominant in bed, and maybe a height difference in my favor helps me assert that. At 5′8″, it doesn’t narrow down the field for me too much.
      • Ethnicity. Most of my lovers have been white, a few have been Hispanic, one has been black. My problem with the latter isn’t that I hold anything against their race or find them unattractive, it’s that it tends to be so taboo in that community that everything was done to a ridiculous amount of secrecy, and I just have difficulty adjusting to that. Foreign accents and accents from the South do a lot for me, as well. Whatever your race/nationality/ethnicity, I expect that, if we go out before or after an intimate encounter, you won’t have a problem with it being known that yes, we’re there together, and that others might figure out there’s more to us being there than just a girl’s night out.
      • Good conversation. You don’t necessarily need to have the highest IQ or have the widest range of subjects to talk about… regular chit chat is fine. But if you come across as an airhead, I’m immediately turned off.
      • Nervousness. This is why I absolutely LOVE straight girls having their first lesbian encounter with me. I love watching their nervousness as they submit to me, the transition to relief as they realize I’m not going to hurt them, and the transition to pleasure as I perform on them. I will be honest here in saying that I do move on girls who to me seem more vulnerable, although I hate that it makes me sound like a predator.
      • Submission. When it comes to the bedroom, I’m a conqueror, I’m the dominant partner, and I expect you to understand this. I’m into bondage - I will restrain you. Not to worry, because I’m not into the ‘D’, ‘S’, or ‘M’ parts of ‘BDSM’ - pleasuring my lover is as important a part of any sexual encounter as being pleasured is, and I don’t get off on torturing them.
      • Trust. This is a big one, and a huge turn-on for me. Let’s say you’re one of those aforementioned girls having your first lesbian encounter with me. When you’re naked, tied to the bed, and I start straddling you, I know it can be a scary experience. Because, before I give you yours, I expect you to demonstrate your willingness to give me mine. That’s when I’ll be the most soothing, because I know it takes an incredible amount of trust to let yourself be put in that situation. Likewise, the ultimate act of trust on my end is to be willing to lay on my back for you. If I’m willing to do that for you, you’ve achieved an extremely high level of trust from me.
      • Pleasuring my lover. This to me is highly important, and absolutely necessary to get me turned on. I’m not some guy who wants to get you just wet enough to roll on top of you, get a nut off, roll off of you, and fall asleep - ensuring that it’s an enjoyable experience for you is my top priority. At the end of it all, when you find yourself alone and horny and you decide to act on it, I want to be the one you’re thinking about.
      • Consent. By now, reading about a sexual encounter with me might seem a little scary. By the end of the night, it no longer is, I can assure you of that. But if someone says to stop, that’s that. I get turned on being with someone willing to explore new heights with me - feeling like I’m forcing myself on anyone is a major turn off for me, and there’s a reason for that which might be a little too personal for me to write about here.
      • Being watched. Not as in a third person watching (although I will admit a small interest in trying that), but for those instances when they’re just not ready to go through with it. By that time, I’m usually pretty horny, and I’m going to take care of it myself. Ideally, they’ll stay and watch, or - even better - join me. Aside from being incredibly hot, the sight of an attractive girl with her eyes locked on me as she pleasures herself while I do the same offers me reassurance that I didn’t fail to turn her on.
      • Not shutting me out. Not so much a turn on, but more of a reassurance thing. Okay, you’re straight, we hooked up, you decided it’s not for you. Now we run across each other in a grocery store or wherever. That moment before they react, I’m in sheer panic mode. Will they say hi and be happy to see me, or will they turn away? It’s always a huge weight off my shoulders when they respond positively.
      • The unexpected. Sometimes you find yourself turned on in ways you don’t expect to. Reading the answers of one Quora user who often posts about lesbians and being a lesbian, I’ve read through her answers, I’ve read about her story, we share some curious similarities, and I haven’t seen a photo of her yet, but the way she describes herself definitely makes me take a keen interest in her. I’m not going to out her, though, as I don’t think she’d appreciate it much.
      Edit: My credential for the topic of lesbians has been hidden. Seriously? Do I need to go into more detail to prove that I’m adequately lesbian?
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