Am I flirting with my best friend??

    • Am I flirting with my best friend??

      hey guys. So... I have this friend. She is my bff and has been for at least a year. One day, she says,
      "I have something to tell you."
      "Okay wassup?"
      "Promise not to treat me any different?"
      "Yeah, of course!"
      "I'm bisexual."
      Wasn't a big deal. Then I got to thinking. We do a lot of things that could be labeled as "flirting" If she was a guy. One example is the other day, she said her hands we're cold, so I let her put her hands in my mittens with mine. (The mittens part can detach if you need to use your fingers) we also lean on each other in the lunch line, and we put our heads on each other's shoulders. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I'm straight! Also, I'm the first person she has ever told about this, and like I said, I promised not to treat her differently. So... Am I just over thinking this? Am I bi as well? What is going on?
      Addie! :P
    • you need not to change your feelings for her if you still want her to be your bff friend,
      If i was you i would still do the same things with this female an hope for the best to come or just open up to her an say how you feel then agine you could be pudhing her away from being your friend,
      Is she cute, how does she looks to you lol or what.
      It should be afraid it to except in her the way she is