Want to make my sisters birthday special!!

    • Want to make my sisters birthday special!!

      Hey there,

      I love my sister a lot. She is my world. We lost our parents when we were too young. I was only 4 years old when they passed away. I took care of my girl since then. But unfortunately, her fate was different. She got paralyzed at the age of 3, and she couldn't walk on her legs. Back then we were so sad about her condition. But now she got used to it. I always loved to help her. But she always had a feeling that she is a burden to me. This was the reason why she wanted to do everything on her own. Next month it is her birthday. I was thinking of gifting something special to her. She always used to complaint me that she is not able to reach top racks of cupboards. I was thinking of buying a scissor lift for her on this birthday. What is your opinion about this?

      How much space is required for a normal scissor lift? Is it movable?

      Feel free to share your suggestions!!