Want to date but can’t stop thinking about a one night stand...

    • Want to date but can’t stop thinking about a one night stand...

      Okay hi, I’ve never done this before so I don’t know how to start. I’ll just do I guess.
      So a bit more than a month ago, I was at a birthday party, and met this friend that is friends with a lot of mine. I just didn’t know him personally. We talked and it was fun af and I kinda hoped he would do a move. But it was okay if he didn’t. I thought he would make a nice friend too. Two weeks later it was a close friends birthday party and he was there too. We picked up our last convo which was btw very teasing and borderline flirty. It was really funny and with alcohol in the game we were both hot for it. We started making out and throughout the night we would kiss and dance and talk to our friends then kiss again etc. then at one point we actually wanted to talk and went outside but after solid 10min we both wanted more than a talk and started kissing again. And well after that we had sex. Yes before you ask it was in a “public” area and it was like behind the house... the next day we met up for like 5 min because I had to huy the morning after pill. (Btw it was the first time I had a one night stand, before that I had a bf so I wasn’t a virgin but also not on the pill and in the heat of the moment we didn’t get a condom). It was awkward af to see him the next morning but it was okay I guess. Thing is since it was the first time I had ever had sex casually lika that, and because he is hot af, I kinda couldn’t stop thinking about him. And I was devastated that he never texted or something. A few weeks later we had another party and that’s when I saw him again. It was a bit awkward but mostly because our friends made it awkward. Well more like his friends. But then we talked a tiny bit and said there was nothing to be awkward about. At the end of the night I had to leave sooner than everybody else and he was talking to one of my best friends so I wanted to say bye and told him that too. He then asked why I had to leave and my sneaky friend left us to talk alone. We talked for like 15min and he said I shouldn’t leave that it’s fun and stuff. (But really in a nice way) and he offered to bring me home cause he was worried. The party was at the red light district of my city thats why. And I didn’t have the money for a cab so I had to go by train/bus. And insisted on me staying so he can bring me safely home and damn I wanted to so much but I couldn’t be late at home or else I could never party again so I left, without a kiss sadly :(. I imidiately called my friend cause I wa sscarred too and he stayed on the phone too on speaker and was asking if I was fine and stuff. And then he said stop right there imma get you this is too dangerous and I was like aaaaw so sweet. But yeah when I got home he texted me asking if I was okay and safe at home. But after that we never texted again. And I was really sad and disappointed. Now I met a guy, like he is in my school and 1 year older, but he is so nice, and hot, and funny. We text everyday and it’s great. We went on a date 2 days ago and it was dreamlike. But the thing is, that the first guy, sent me a snap 5 days ago and since then has been sending me snaps or asking stuff and I’ve been replying with streak snaps and stuff and he almost everytime reacts to them... i don’t know why he wants contact now... and the thing is I want him too... but I don’t know if he wants something casual or just friendship... and now there is the 2nd guy amd he is nice and perfect... what do i do?
    • You're definitely in an awkward situation. I would stay casual with both of them and see where it leads.

      The first boy might not have texted you in the beginning because he felt awkward after the one night stand but then the more he got to know you, his feelings for you grew (possibly).

      You can let the second boy know you've "rushed" into intimacy before but you now prefer to take things slow (in case he finds out about the other boy and wonders why you won't have sex with him, if he wants to). You can also explain that you had too much to drink that night and wouldn't have ha sex if you'd been sober.

      It's a lesson for us to not drink alcohol unless we really want to have sex with someone. We often get drunk (without even realizing it) and do things we later on wish we hadn't.