I don't know what to do...

    • I don't know what to do...

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      I'll try to make this as short as possible I swear.

      Basically I got together with my girlfriend (I'm also a girl) last year in June and we both really liked each other before we started going out. The start of our relationship was really good (even though we were really shy at first) and we talked every day for ages over the internet. I have social anxiety and struggle with communicating with people in real life (even friends) but my girlfriend's anxiety makes her not like talking over social media, and I know I have to respect that.

      But basically it's hard to talk to each other now. We still sit next to each other in some lessons and talk a limited amount in those (mostly because I'm shy, but she doesn't initiate a lot of conversations either) and I don't really talk to her at break and lunch because we're in different friend groups and I'd be too awkward to sit with them.

      I'm not sure if the spark in our relationship has completely died, or if it's just because of our mental health problems. We're in year 11 and will almost definitely be going to different sixth forms. Should I try and keep the relationship alive?? I'm not even sure if she still really likes me (but that might be my low self esteem talking : / ).

      Plus, we haven't gone on a date since November for Bonfire Night (although we did exchange Valentine's Day cards). We've had sleepovers in the past, but physical contact between us has literally consisted of one hug ever. (We're both really shy for God's sake).

      I can't tell if this is all my fault - I've been really open about my mental health issues, and although she was really supportive and suffers with many of the same things, I'm worried I've scared her off or overwhelmed her. Should I just break it off or try and save it??

      Thanks for reading : )
    • Sounds like a hard situation. I understand a little bit of your anxieties (but really only a little bit).
      And i think they are the biggest of your problems. And the biggest problems of your girlfriend too.
      I know you both have problems with communication, but it is one of the basics of any relationship. So i suggest talk to her. Do something together. If you trust each other, you will feel comfortable around each other. And you should talk about your feelings as well. This way you both will see, if you still love each other.
      And you two are in a relationship. The thing most couples do, is hang out with each other. Your and her friends well get to know each other eventually. It is not awkward to sit with each others friends. :)
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